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Quezon bishop Victor Ocampo dies at 71 – Cause Of Death

Quezon bishop Victor Ocampo dies at 71
Image Source: wikipedia

Bishop Victor Ocampo of Angeles City, Philippines, died on 16th March of a heart attack. When he passed away, he was 71 years old.

Bishop Victor Ocampo Cause Of Death

Victor’s sudden death was made public on the webpage of the Bishops’ Council of the Philippines. He died at noon at a clinic in Gumaca, as reported by the council, which cited news from chancellor Tony Ryan.

Philippines Gov. sent their “heartfelt message” to the priest’s beloved ones and their families on social platforms. Thanks for the unselfish and unwavering devotion to the lord you have showered upon the folks and Nearby provinces. Victor, born in the city of Angeles, Philippines, in 1952, was appointed bishop in Bataan province in 1977.

Victor Ocampo was the head of many departments, including the catholic administration, the liturgy committee, and the home and lifestyle committee. Pope Francis named Victor the third priest of Gumaca in 2015. Victor was anointed to an episcopacy on 29th August 2015 and consecrated on 3rd September by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

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Who was Bishop Victor Ocampo?

He was renowned as a simple individual with a cheerful appearance. His sincerity in living as a pastor, a living dedicated to others rather than oneself, not wanting to become popular, and yet a simple living as a person, showed in his charity work.

The Archbishop, Paciano Aniceto, remembered Victor as a “bright and lively” learner. “He was a happy person besides an excellent brotherly bond with his colleague’s seminarians,” one of his school teachers stated. Before becoming a priest, Victor was an environmental activist.

Victor criticized the idea of US$240 million in hydropower in the region. The reservoir was a component of a proposal to provide 600 million liters of water daily. After objections to the project endangered the ecology, wildlife, and nearby communities, the ministry halted construction.

“The Chapel is not opposing development so provided it doesn’t compromise the ‘general welfare’ in the pursuit of advancement of the construction in the pretense of giving water in Metropolitan Manila which is against social sustainability,” mentioned in a statement released by Victor and other priests.

Christians of the archdiocese say that Victor attended protests and provided professional advice to villages against this development.