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How did Pat McGrath Die? An explanation of the cause of death for an NCAA sports commentator

Pat McGrath
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Pat McGrath, a famous NCAA Sports commentator, died on 16th March 2023. He also served as NBA on ESPN Sports Statistician. He was a well-known personality in the world of the Sports community.

He was known for his deep analysis of the game. He was very professional in terms of sports insights. He dedicated his entire life to basketball and expressed his knowledge to the public through TV channels.

Pat McGrath

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In this article, we’ll learn more details about Pat McGrath, including the cause of his death and his personal life; keep reading.

Pat McGrath: Who was he

New York City was the birthplace of Pat McGrath; he was born in 1950. He got sports in his genetics because he was born and brought into the sports enthusiast family. So he developed a keen interest in basketball at a young age. He started his career in the sports field after completing his education. In the beginning, he served as a statistician for NBA teams.

ESPN saw his enthusiasm for the game and his talent as a statistician, so they hired him for the statistician post covering NBA games. Eventually, he became an integral part of the NBA. Later he reposted the insights and statics with his unique and entertaining style.

Apart from ESPN, he also worked with NCAA Sports as a commentator. He worked as a commentator for many games and sports events for a long time. He was professional in terms of sports because he explained all complex things straightforwardly and uniquely to make it understandable to others.

Pat McGrath: Cause of death

famous sports analyzer and commentator who worked for NCAA Sports and ESPN died on 16th March 2023. This sudden death left many people in a state of shock. He was known for his great passion for sports, and he was a great personality by nature. He was so humble and kind to everyone.

Pat McGrath

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Still, the exact cause of death is not released by his family members, but it is known that he has been struggling with some severe health issues for the last few years.
Joe Castiglione, Director of Athletics, University of Oklahoma, confirmed his death news by making a tweet:

Pat McGrath was among the most knowledgeable and insightful people ever. He was a true student of the game, and his passion and expertise will be sorely missed.

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