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Jeff Gaylord Wife: Is Jeff Gaylord married?

Jeff Gaylord
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Jeff Gaylord: know more about him

Jeff Gaylord was born on October 15, 1958, He was a resident of Columbus, Ohio, U.S. 

Gaylord was a professional wrestler who mainly competed in the North American region as well in some independent areas. He competed in some famous championships like the United States Wrestling Association, Bill Watts Universal Wrestling Federation and World Class Championship in the late 1980s.

He also appeared in the World Wrestling Federation as Black Knight. He participated in this event in 1993. On 15th March 2023, Jeff Gaylord passed away at the age of 64.  The exact cause of his death is not declared by his family members. 

Who is the wife of Jeff Gaylord :

Jeff Gaylord

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Jeff Gaylord was was very private in terms of a personal matters, so he did not say anything about his married life. So it is unclear whether he was married or not, or whether he had a wife.

Jeff Gaylord: Reason behind the death

At the age of 53, Jeff Gaylord passed away. Still, the exact cause of their death is not announced by any official source; it is believed that he died due to some heart-related complications. 

The reason behind the heart complications is that he had a history of heart problems. Earlier, he had also been hospitalized so many times regarding different health issues related to his kidneys and liver. 

Jeff Gaylord: Net Worth

$500,000 was their estimated net worth of Jeff, at the time of his death. He earned this handsome amount due to his great career in wrestling and MMA. However, he had also run some other personal business ventures. 

He was not so much popular as compared to his contemporaries in the wrestling world, However, he earned so much money through his dedication to his hard work and his craft. 

Jeff Gaylord: health issues

Jeff Gaylord

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As we discussed earlier that he fought with many health issues in his entire life. Apart from the also struggled some serious issues in tthe kidney and liver. Due to all of these reasons, he admitted to the hospital several times. 

Jeff Gaylord: TV Shows appearances

He gained popularity through wrestling and MMA, but very few were know and he also had several appearances on National Television. 

Jeff Gaylord: Nationality 

On 23 August 1961, he was born in Nashville, Tennessee. At the time of his death, he was 60 years old. He had the Nationality U.S. and spent all of his life travelling the country. 

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