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Is Cher in a relationship? How many times did Cher get married?

Cher New boyfriend

Cher is a popular American singer, actress as well as a television personality. Cher is well-recognized for having worked in numerous areas of entertainment and for her distinctive contralto singing voice.

Cher is famous for her song “I Got You Babe”. Cher debut her first studio album “All I Really Want to Do”.

Cher also released many albums such as Love Hurts, I Paralyze, Take Me Home, I’d Rather Believe in You, Bittersweet White Light, 3614 Jackson Highway, Stars, and more.

As an actress, Cher made her acting debut in 1965 with the “Wild on the Beach” film. In 1967, Cher made her television debut with “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” series.

Cher also acted in many television series such as The Sonny and Cher Show, The New Scooby-Doo Movies, Love, American Style, Cher… Special, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, Cher… Special, TCM Friday Night Spotlight, Dancing with the Stars, and more.

How old is Singer Cher?

Singer Cher’s full name is Cherilyn Sarkisian. Cher’s age is 76 years. Cher’s birth date is 20 May 1946. Cher was born to Georgia Holt to Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere in El Centro, California, US.

Singer Cher also known as Cher Bono, Cheryl LaPiere, and Bono Allman. Singer Cher did her studies at Montclair College Preparatory School. Cher’s height is 1.71 m. Cher’s nationality is American.

Who is Cher New Boyfriend?

Currently, Singer Cher new boyfriend is Alexander “AE” Edwards.

Singer Cher started her relationship with Alexander “AE” Edwards in 2022.

Cher made Man 40 years younger than her her new boyfriend.

Singer Cher is 76 and Alexander “AE” Edward is 36, 40 years apart. Alexander “AE” Edward is a music producer.

Singer Cher and Alexander made their relationship public in November 2022.

Singer Cher had a two-year relationship with record executive David Geffen during her divorce from Sonny Bono.

How many times did Cher get married?

Singer Cher married twice. Cher first married Sonny Bono in 1964. The couple separated after 11 years of marriage and in February 1974, Sonny Bono filed for divorce from Cher. Cher and Sonny divorce became final on 26 June 1975.

Singer Cher married Greg Allman on June 30, 1975, four days after her divorce from Sonny Bono. But got divorced in 1979 after four years of marriage.

Singer Cher has a child with Sonny Bono named Chaz Bono. Singer Cher also has a son with Gregg Allman, named Elijah Blue, who was born on June 10, 1876.

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