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David W. Marston former U.S. attorney has died at 80

David W. Marston
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Former U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania David W. Marston died at 80. He was also the one-time Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor and Philadelphia mayor.

Apart from this, he served as an attorney for a long time and also published books as an author; David died on March 2 after some complications of a hurt stroke at his home. What happened with David W. Marston? We’ll learn more details about the former attorney on this page; keep reading.

David W. Marston: Who was he

From July 1976 to January 1978, he served as a U.S. attorney in Philadelphia. He failed in the 1978’s Republican primary for Pennsylvania governor. He also lost the election in 1979 in the general election for Philadelphia mayor. William J. Green III defeated him in this election for the mayor’s post.

David W. Marston

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In his earlier days, he worked as a corporate lawyer with different firms and worked for his firm for more than five decades. Besides all his political rivals and other things, David was known for his integrity, survival ability and pure devotion to civic service.

In 1978, he gave an interview to Daily News and said that he was trying to become a governor because, as a compared attorney, he could do more as a politician. In another interview, he said, “I don’t mind taking risks, and I like to spend each day doing something I think is worth doing.”

Career Timeline: David W. Marston

In 1976 he was elected as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. He also successfully prosecuted both parties in the US. He also worked in some famous cases of police brutality during his career.

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter dismissed him suddenly. At that time, a newspaper poll reported that 3758 respondents supported David while 126 voted against him. Another news agency at that time was flooded with letters, phone calls, and messages supporting Mr David.

David W. Marston

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Once he said in an interview: “I feel good about the accomplishments of this office, and I want to go out on a positive, not a negative note.”

Social Media Tributes :

Judith Peller Hallett

David was a graduate of Maryville College in Tennessee and earned his law degree at Harvard University before spending two years in the U.S. Navy. At Cheltenham High, he was class president. R.I.P. David!!!

Steve Berg

A great guy

Fratianni Jen

Our deepest condolences from the baseball family in South Texas. Sending hugs and prayers to all his family and friends. 😔

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