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How did Terry Badger Die? The cause of death of a young Covington baseball player

Terry Badger
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A Young baseball player named Terry Badger died unexpectedly on March 6, 2023. We’ll go through all details about Terry Badger; keep reading.

Terry Badger: what happened to him

Young baseball player Terry Badger committed suicide on Monday, 6th March 2023. He took his own life at the just age of thirteen. According to GoFundMe, This young player took this step due to some bullying event.

Terry Badger

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Now his family and friends are in shock and deep sorrow after learning about the news of Terry Badger’s death. The information is spreading all over the internet, and people are paying tribute to a young boy on social media.

Terry Badger: Who was he

Terry badger was a young baseball player who loved his teammates and baseball team. He was known as a fierce competitor; his friends called him TB3.

He played baseball for many groups, including Fury, Braves and Nitro. He also played for his city of Covington for all the seasons.

He always tried to play for some other local Covington teams. He was a great fan of hunting, fishing and baseball. He always tried to spend time with nature, and he also cared for other people. People remembered him for his cute smile.

Cause of death: Terry Badger

At thirteen, Terry took his own life by committing suicide. According to other sources, this step was taken by him due to bullying. A statement was written on his GoFundMe page:

Terry earned his angel wings at age 13 on March 6, 2023. This was an unexpected event where an innocent child took his own life due to bullying, and no words could express his family’s grief.

While we cannot take their pain away, we can help his family with the funeral expenses and financial burdens they are now facing.

Terry Badger

Source : Facebook

He was well known for his friendly and welcoming smile and caring and protective demeanour. He was thoughtful, intelligent, and helpful to a fault, and he was always looking for new ways to make the people around him laugh.

People are pouring tributes to Teryy Badger :

Daisy Ford

Sadly, not all parents know what goes on or if their child is being bullied or bullied!! Our cities and schools need to step up and organize programs to help this kid’s on both sides; someone to talk to, maybe a hotline, Bullying is every Where and it’s time for the school’s parents and authorities to step up and protect our kid’s!! Prayers to the family and friends of this young man

Betty Johnson

Prayers for the family and friends so sad that a family has to go through this over some punk kids bulling not fair I believe the kid that’s bulling and parents should be charged

MarySusan Bromley

One of Zayden’s great memories of him along with all the games was going to the Cardinals game in St Louis with him and his dad & grandpa. 💙🙏⚾

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