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CNN anchor Kasie Hunt gives birth on bathroom floor

CNN anchor Kasie Hunt gives birth on bathroom floor
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Kasie Hunt, anchor of CNN ( Cable News Network ), a multinational news company, shared the news of her unexpected miraculous birth of a second child on the internet.

Who is Kasie Hunt?

Kasie Hunt is an American resident and journalist. She is an anchor for CNN (Cable News Network). She also works as a chief national affairs analyst in this renowned and well-established news company. She started working as a national political reporter back in 2011.

Kasie Hunt married NBC News producer Matt Rivera. They have a son who is 3 years old.

Kasie Hunt gave birth unexpectedly.

On 3rd March 2023, Kasie Hunt delivered the news of a new family member in the Rivera family through her official Instagram handle.

Kasie was pregnant with the child of Matt Rivera and gave birth to the baby on 1st March 2023. The Rivera family expected the baby’s birth to be on the date given by doctors, but miraculously and out of the blue, Kasie Hunt, on 1st March, gave birth to the baby girl on the bathroom floor after 13 minutes of labor.

She gave birth to the baby with the help of her husband Matt; he was with her throughout the time and delivered the baby.
According to the post shared by Kasie hunt, she shares that the birth of the baby girl was sudden, and they didn’t have the time to call for any help and had to deliver right there.

After giving birth, her husband gave a call to 911 and further related associates to get help with the mother and the new baby.

Rivera’s thanks the officials.

Kasie Hunt and Matt Rivera together thank the officials for the huge help from 911 and other associates who helped them right after the delivery to take mom and daughter carefully to the hospital.

Kasie Hunt welcome baby girl Grey.

The Rivera family had a son who is 3 years old and now a big brother to his little sister. The family decided to name the baby girl Grey and call her surprise birth, a trait of her independent nature.

Kasie Hunt planned to give birth to the baby through a cesarean operation, but the baby girl had different ways of getting welcome into the family.

The Rivera family shares happiness.

After Kasie was admitted safely to the hospital, the doctors informed the concerned about the good health of both the baby and the mother.

Baby girl, Grey’s big brother was seen quite happy after receiving grey as his sister. The whole family is excited to start the journey of 4 members from 3 in a quite surprising way.

The whole family is in good health and looking forward to celebrating their happiness. Their close companions show their share of love through happy messages in the post’s comment section.

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