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Turkey Earthquake 2023 – Aftermath of the Natural Disaster

Turkey Earthquake 2023
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Turkey and Syria are dealing with a critical situation after the gigantic earthquake. On 6th February, around 4 to 5 a.m., a huge earthquake occurred around the southern part of Turkey and across the northern part of Syria. The earthquake’s intensity is still not in the control of the government and residents. Countries are struggling to get back their self together.

Current status after the Turkey Earthquake

It is been over a month since Turkey-Syria Earthquake. Countries are trying hard to pull themselves back in shape. About 11 provinces of Turkey were severely affected by this huge earthquake. 

According to Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu’s statement, the number of deaths is over 45,000. Around 4,200 refugees from Syria who took shelter due to Civil War were also dead.

Hatay and Kahramanmaras of Turkey suffered from the huge impact of the earthquake. Over 2,00,000 constructions collapsed in these parts. It confirmed excessive casualty risk across the country.

President Erdogan provided some details about the current situation. He states that over 3 million residents have been relocated from the earthquake location. Around 1.5 million are still holding their place and living in tents, containers, and dormitories across the region.

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Rescue Operations

Rescue teams are still digging through the debris to save the victims. Millions of the Turkish population were affected severely by this natural disaster. 

U.S., U.K, South Africa, India, France, Spain, and other countries came forward to support Turkey and Syria in this huge natural disaster. Many countries provided their search and rescue teams with trained dog squads. Essential kits, health aids, Field hospitals, etc., are also provided by various countries for earthquake victims.

Individuals are also supporting countries in their way. A few digital activists created a platform on the internet to provide shelter to victims and help them locate their loved ones.

Star sportsman Cristiano Ronaldo has supported Turky-Syria Earthquake victims. He provided health care, food, and blankets packages by plane. Some sources claimed that he also donated $ 3,50,000. 

Unsatisfactory handling of Natural Disasters?

Although this incident was natural, some provinces are unsatisfied with the government. According to them, Disaster management needs to understand the situation.

The government was also blamed for the negligence of construction regulations. The country’s Disaster management authorities predicted an earthquake in 2020 even though there was no prior management for the same taken care of.

Victims are still roaming around the streets in search of their family members. The government is in a negative light for some people. 

Turkey-Syria Earthquake has impacted the whole world. Many countries are united to support and rebuild the countries affected by crises.