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Who Is Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski Wife Marzena Pawlowski?

Who Is Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski Wife Marzena Pawlowski?
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Marzena Pawlowski is the wife of Polish-Canadian pastor, Artur Pawlowski. Both have been the subject of public scrutiny and have been discussed widely on the internet.

Who is Artur Pawlowski?

Born on March 28, 1973, he is a polish Canadian priest and preacher. He founded the Calgary congregation Cave of Adullam and Street Church Ministries (SCM), which the Canadian government no longer recognizes as a religious or charitable organization. This group has assisted and supported many of the city’s homeless and marginalized communities.

Pawlowski founded the Canadian Christian Liberty Association, an organization that advocates for religious freedom. Pawlowski is known for his controversial activism, including his opposition to government restrictions on gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada.

He has defied the restrictions and continued to hold large gatherings at his church, including Easter services in 2020. He is also known for his supportive views on anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality. He is also the leader of the Independence Party at Alberta.

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Artur Pawlowski’s wife Marzena Pawlowski

Marzena Pawlowski and Artur Pawlowski have been together for more than 31 years. Marzena has always been a very supportive wife who stood by her husband during his arrest and trial in April 2021, when he was charged with multiple counts of violating public health orders.

Together they have a son named Nathaniel Pawlowski, who was born to them in 2000. He is 23 years old now. He was born with multiple health issues, including a damaged lung and heart, on the opposite side of the body.

Many doctors believed he would not survive, but his parents never lost hope. They would pray for him regularly until his health eventually recovered, which amazed the doctors.

Nathaniel has always supported his father’s views and worked for their rights and beliefs alongside them.

Reason for Artur Pawlowski’s arrest

Artur Pawlowski has been arrested 3 times, first in February 2021, for organizing an outdoor church service in Calgary, Alberta, despite receiving multiple warnings from local authorities.

Later, he was again arrested in October 2021 due to his refusal to comply with Alberta Health Services (AHS) orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic. AHS had issued multiple orders prohibiting large gatherings and requiring masks to be worn in public, which Pawlowski refused to comply with.

He was again arrested for encouraging protestors to withdraw from an agreement with the Canadian police, for which he was on trial on February 2023.

During this whole time, his wife, son, and brothers have been beside him. Supporting him through his difficult time.