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Jayden Pienta Cause of Death? High school student stabbed to death.

Jayden Pienta Cause of Death? High school student stabbed to death.
Image source - Sportskeeda

In Montgomery High School, A Jayden Pienta was stabbed to death on Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

The Santa Rosa police declared the boy dead, and the other student, stabbed in hand Wednesday morning, will survive.

What happened to Jayden Pienta?

According to reports, two boys were seen entering a freshman classroom and entering into a physical argument with the freshman of that class due to some reason. 

The teacher tried to break the fight, but another student in that class jumped into a fight with them and stabbed one student, Jayden Pienta, in the upper body three times and the second student in hand.

After this incident occurred, the student fled the scene. 

After the incident, the police were called immediately, after which both students were investigated until the medic team arrived since both were conscious and alert.

After the ambulance arrived, both of them were taken to the hospital, where Jayden Pienta, the student stabbed three times, died from his wounds.

Reports say that the attacker was a 15-year-old boy seen by some witnesses hiding in the creek, where he was found and taken into custody.

The witnesses during the stabbing say that he had a 4–5-inch black handle, which has not been located yet.

The person was charged with three felony charges of homicide, attempted homicide and weapon on the school campus. 

Parents say the stabbing was preventable. 

According to the victim’s parents, they both had previous run-ins with each other, which included physical fights, but the school authority did nothing about it. 

The mother of the victim, who was stabbed in the hand, went to the school three weeks before, too, worried about the same encounter his son was having with the boy and warned them that something was happening.

It was also reported that the same student slashed Jayden’s tires last week. When his parents reported the school about it, they did nothing.

According to them and the police, this situation would have been prevented if they had taken proper actions beforehand. Some also believe that the situation would not have escalated if there had been a resource officer.

A memorial was held for Jayden Pienta.

A memorial was held outside the campus of Montgomery school for the late student. Several people stood before the tableau holding a picture of Jayden Pienta.

A prayer walk was also held, and red and white balloons were released into the sky with loving messages for Pienta. 

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