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Irma Serrano, Mexican Actor-Politician, has Died at the Age of 89

Irma Serrano Died

Irma Serrano, dubbed “La Tigressa,” died at 89. The prominent Mexican politician and actress died earlier today.

Serrano served in the Mexican Senate in the 1990s, following a career in films and provocative theatre plays. Her on-stage career was capped with the drama Naná in 1973.

What was Irma Serrano’s Name?

Irma Consuelo Cielo Serrano Castro was a politician, singer, and actress from Mexico. The well-known lady, born on December 9, 1933, was first called “La Tigress” and then “La Tigress de la Canción Ranchera.”

She was a ranchera, and corrido artist noted for her seductive and untamed spitfire voice. With the Chelo La Rué choreographic group, Irma Serrano started her creative career as a dancer.

Irma Serrano Died1

Subsequently, she went on to perform as a vocalist and also starred in some films. She was among the few remaining characters from Mexico’s Golden Era of cinema. Irma Serrano was the senator of Chiapas from 1994 until 1997. As a result, she was featured in several celebrity gossip publications and television programmes.

Irma Serrano Died in What Way?

Irma Serrano, a well-known Mexican personality and politician “La Tigressa,” passed away on March 1, 2023. In her later years, she was 89. A heart attack caused the older woman to pass away. One of the nation’s most divisive individuals was Serrano.

Serrano and former Mexico President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz allegedly had a short romance. The affair was later verified in her book A Calzón Amarrado.

What Caused Her Death?

Irma Serrano, known as La Tigressa, died on Wednesday morning at 89 after having a heart attack in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico. Foro TV, a Mexican news channel, verified this. The older woman’s heart muscles weakened, contributing to her death. She couldn’t handle the stresses of life and died quietly.

Obituary of Irma Serrano:

For now, an obituary for Irma Serrano is awaiting, and this page will act as a digital memorial for the late woman. Funeral services are also being planned. We are awaiting confirmation from her family about the timetable.

Fans remembering the late actress for her star-studded career are paying tribute to her on social media. She had a lengthy career in the sector before venturing into politics.

She didn’t exit the screen entirely after that. Serrano recently starred in Stepmother, a 2005 film about a woman who served 20 years in prison for murder. Everything she accomplished, she was always complimented. Her death will never be forgotten.

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