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Leon Ramsarran, Missing Boy Found Safe after Amber Alert

Leon Ramsarran
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Leon Ramsarran was reported to be missing on the 24th of February 2023 as it was reported to the local police this department after the disappearance happened as it was reported to the police officers. It was also stated to the police officers that the three-year boy had been suddenly missing from their house in Minnesota. The police officers started the search for the boy very soon, and the investigation also started very soon as they wanted to gain proper information about the boy’s condition. Later, it was revealed on the 25th of February 2023 that he was very safe and secured and was found 30 miles from his house at another place.

Leon Ramsarran missing

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Leon Ramsarran Missing Details

Leon Ramsarran was reported to be missing on the 24th of February 2023 as the three-year-old boy was back at his house in Minnesota when he suddenly disappeared from his house. The police officers reported the missing, and the investigation of the missing directly started as the was supposed to be proper information revealed about the overall incident. The missing details were provided to the police officers very soon. As they started, their research about the missing proper information was received by the police officers very soon after the investigation had started. The police also had to start an Amber alert to find the missing boy.

Leon Ramsarran Found

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Leon Ramsarran Found Safe

Leon Ramsarran had been missing since the morning of the  24th of February 2023, and as the report was provided to the police officers, they started their research on the boy. After proper research, an Amber alert was revealed to find the boy just when the Alert was. Revealed after a few hours on the 25th of February 2023 was very easily found and was safe and secured, and no very big harm happened. The police officers of the local area did a very good job as the boy was found secure and safe, and that was something that the family members wanted as the secure nature of the boy was very important for the family members.

Leon Ramsarran Amber Alert

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Amber Alert for Leon Ramsarran

Leon Ramsarran went missing, and the police officers released an Amber alert to find the boy and in what condition the boy might be. That was when the police officers decided to start the Alert because it was a three-year-old boy. The missing was a very dangerous thing, so the police officer decided to investigate the overall case and what might have happened; so it was important to look forward to finding the information through the Alert. The investigation started, and the police found the boys safe after the alert on the 25th of February, 2023.


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Investigation Details

Leon Ramsarran went on to do a proper Investigation on him, and after that, he was found very safe and secured on the 25th of February, 2023. That was important as the police wanted him to be safe and secure from whatever he was facing, and it was also very important to locate what condition he was in, so the police officers helped to do that. The family members were very secure from whatever happened and were also very happy when the boy was found secure and safe by the department of police. No one was involved in any sort of kidnapping, so the police officers took no Harsh decisions in the overall case as it was not a case of kidnapping and just a misunderstanding that happened, which might be the reason for which the missing happened.

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