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How did Brian Kasibante Die? Why did Brian Kasibante take his own life?

Brian Kasibante Die

Journalist Kasibante Brian of KBS FM in Rakai committed suicide by poisoning. He was a member of the KBSFM Ekiweko news team. Let’s examine in more detail what transpired to him and why Brian Kasibante killed himself.

How did Brian Kasibante Die?

Brian Kasibante, an independent reporter from Rakai, poisoned himself and died as a result. According to reports, Kasibante reportedly ingested poison on Tuesday and left a note outlining his desire to die and be buried. According to a medical staff member who asked to remain anonymous, the victim, currently receiving treatment at Rakai General Hospital, is said to have consumed about 30ml of paraquat, which has completely disrupted his bodily system. Paraquat, a poisonous substance, is frequently used as a herbicide (plant killer), primarily to eradicate weeds and grass.

Why did Brian Kasibante take his own life?

The circumstances surrounding the alleged suicide of a journalist working for Kooki Broadcasting Services are being looked into by police in Rakai District. Brian Kasibante, 26, allegedly wrote a suicide letter on Tuesday informing his friends and family of his decision before ingesting paraquat. This poisonous substance is frequently used as a herbicide (plant killer). Grass and weeds are typically controlled with paraquat. He was taken to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital on Tuesday evening for treatment and passed away there on Wednesday morning.

The motive for suicide:

Kasibante’s coworker Mr Nicholas Kakeeto alleged that Kasibante frequently quarrelled with his two wives, which he believes may have influenced Kasibante’s decision to kill himself. “He has been telling us stories about his fights with his wives, but we thought this was an easy problem and ignored it. In a telephone interview on Tuesday, he said, “We were so horrified to find that he had decided to swallow paraquat, a herbicide, to end his life. Mr Kakeeto continued, “He sent several messages before writing a note telling the police not to look into the incident or make any arrests because he had chosen to commit himself. Even though I’ve been speaking to him every day, I was ignorant of his struggles. Ms Betty Nabichu, the station’s news host, said, “I last read a write-up on his WhatsApp status discussing how he would commit suicide. We were the most alarmed when I attempted to call him, but he didn’t answer. Kasibante consumed about 30ml of paraquat, which caused his entire body system to become disorganised, according to a hospital employee who asked to remain anonymous.

Suicide Note:

According to the notes he left behind, he decided to end his own life. He pleaded with the police not to make any arrests. “I’m taking my own life without being murdered. Please do not lock anyone up,” the note says in part. It continues, “I have only left one child in the world, and his name is Wiiki. Please look after my child and brothers. Mama Wiiki, please maintain your composure. The note says, “I ask you not to hold a funeral. That is how he wants to be buried. Bury me however you like. But my picture is with Isaac Kukiriza. “. In the year before the 2016 poll, 16% of the 4,660 people in 14 regions of Uganda who were the subject of a Ministry of Health assessment reported having attempted suicide; of those, 15% had been successful. However, it is reportedly much higher in reality. The survey found that “society’s attitudes toward suicide contribute to the difficulties in gathering data.”. The Uganda Counselling Association and the Ministry of Health recently estimated that there are 14 million mentally ill Ugandans, or 35 out of every 100 citizens. Most Ugandan communities have negative views toward suicide. Typically, a person who hangs themselves is not given a dignified funeral.

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