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Florida TV journalist died while covering a murder investigation

Florida TV journalist died while covering a murder investigation
Image Source: yahoonews

A Florida TV journalist and a nine-year-old girl were killed hours after a murder outside Orlando, Florida. The gunman, who police say is suspected of the homicide, also shot and injured two other reporters as well as the girl’s mother.

Two Spectrum News 13 journalists were covering the suspect’s return to the murder scene.

It does not appear that they were targeted.

When he was arrested, the suspect refused to cooperate with police.

It is unknown who the three victims of Wednesday’s attacks are in Pine Hills, a suburb west of Orlando.

The crew was attacked at or near their vehicle when they were around 16:00 local time (22:00 GMT), Sheriff John Mina said at a press conference.

How did Florida TV journalist killed?

According to authorities, a gunman opened fire on two television journalists on February 22 as they reported on a murder scene near Orlando, Florida.

Keith Melvin Moses, 19, was arrested shortly after the shooting and is also accused of killing a 9-year-old girl and a woman in her 20s in two other shootings.

Who is Suspect Keith Moses?

According to witnesses, Keith Moses, 19, is suspected of being responsible for all the shootings, including the one earlier that day.

Mina alleges that Moses has a lengthy criminal history, including assault, battery, and grand theft.

No clear reason is given for why he shot at any of the victims.

Our community and our media partners have been devastated,” Mina said.

WeSH reporter Senait Gebregiorgis says she and her photographer left minutes before the shooting, deciding that they should leave based on a gut instinct.

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What was the incident?

Around 11:00 local time, the journalists were covering a shooting earlier in the day, in which the suspect returned to the scene and fatally shot a woman in her 20s inside a car.

After attacking the journalists, Keith Moses, 19, shot a girl and her mother, the sheriff said.

According to him, the mother was in critical condition in the hospital.

According to local reporters, other journalists nearby assisted in providing first aid to victims.

The news that Spectrum 13’s reporter had passed away continued to be covered live.

The injured journalist has spoken to investigators and colleagues, said Greg Angel, a station news presenter.

According to Mr Mina, the suspect has “a long criminal history, which includes gun possession, battery, assaults with deadly weapons, burglaries, and grand thefts”.

“According to what we know, he had no connection to the reporters and he had no connection to the mother and the child,” he said.

Mina indicated that the possibility of the gunman purposely targeting reporters would be investigated.