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Detroit Police Officer Maria Martin Found Dead With Another Police Officer

Maria Martin

Two Detroit police officers died on Sunday, according to Livonia police and James White, the chief of the Detroit Police Department. The 16000 block of Farmington Road in Livonia is home to the Belle Creek—townhomes, where Livonia police were called to check on someone’s welfare on Sunday. Police showed up and discovered a dead man and woman.

What Happened to Maria Martin?

The deaths of two DPD officers were discovered dead on Sunday at the Belle Creek sq\—townhomes in the 16000 block of Farmington Road in Livonia, where they appeared to have been shot. Livonia Police are looking into the incident. According to the police, the scene points to a murder-suicide. A 26-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman’s bodies, according to the police, were discovered in a Farmington Road home. The woman has been identified as DPD Officer Maria Martin, and the man has been identified as DPD Officer Matthew Ethington II, according to Livonia police on Monday. While Ethington only received one gunshot wound that appeared to have been self-inflicted, authorities claim that Martin was shot multiple times.

What do the Officials Say?

According to the police, an infant was also unharmed inside the house. A member of the family received that infant. At approximately 12:30 p.m., the bodies were found. m. following an invitation to check on officers’ well-being on Sunday. It is thought that a domestic dispute was the cause of the murder-suicide. The two had each served less than five years as a DPD officer, according to Detroit Police Chief James White. “Insane tragedy. As the investigation progresses, we’ll learn exactly what happened. Take something away from it. Utilize what we discover to aid some of our officers in recovering from this tragedy and avert another one. Chief White stated, “We don’t know what caused this. The infant’s relationship with the pair is still unknown, and who acted aggressively in this instance is not yet known. Police are investigating how long the couple died and how long the infant was left alone.

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