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How did Shohei Shofukutei Die? The Japanese Actor Is No More

Shohei Shofukutei Die

A Rakugo performer who appeared on TV variety shows, Shofukutei Shohei, has passed away. Let’s examine Shofukutei Shohei’s manner of death and specific causes.

How did Shofukutei Shohei die?

Storyteller Shofukutei Shohei of Rakugo passed away on February 22, 2023. Age-wise, he was 66. He gained much notoriety for his role as Wicky in NTV’s “Tsuru-chan no Puttsun 5”. We regret to have to inform you of the passing of Shofukutei Shohei. It was thought that Shofukutei Shohei had an amiable disposition. Given the recent news, many people must be interested to learn the cause of the death of Shofukutei Shohei. Shohei was helicoptered to the hospital in December 2015 after he reported chest pain at a golf course in Chiba Prefecture. He stated that he had an acute aortic dissection at the time. After collapsing at home in Tokyo on the morning of February 22, Shohei Shofukutei, according to his agency, died from an acute aortic dissection. The community is devastated by Shofukutei Shohei’s cause of death.

Who is Shofukutei Shohei?

After graduating from the Osaka University of Arts with a degree in art in 1980, Osaka native Shohei Shofukutei immediately began training with rakugo artist Tsurube Shofukutei. In 1980, Shohei graduated with a degree in literature from the Osaka University of Arts Faculty of Arts, Department of Literature. He then studied under Shofukutei Tsurube and underwent training as an attendant. Suddenly, the MBS song “Suddenly Gabacho!” started playing. Upon frequently appearing on “Youngtown Saturday,” his reputation in Kansai skyrocketed. He then moved to Tokyo in 1987, where he appeared as Wicky in NTV’s “Tsuru-chan no Putsun 5” and amassed enormous popularity among junior high and high school students for his impersonation of Sally’s Yoshiko in CX’s “Monomane Oza Ketteisen. “.

Tributes to Shohei Shofukutei:

Many people shared their heartfelt condolences with his family and how much they loved him. His fans and backers have been upset by the news of this incident. Writes Zack. “Rest in peace, seasoned Japanese comedian Shofukutei Shohei. “. According to Hiromichi Kamaya, “I found out that Mr Shohei Shofukutei, a talented and well-known rakugo performer, had died. Since I was a student, I have been watching him on television, so when I learned of his passing, I was both surprised and shocked. My sincere prayers go out to those who have passed away. Sadly missed, Shohei Shofukutei. “.

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