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Los Angeles Bishop Devid O’Connell’s death Mistry unfolded

Los Angeles Bishop Devid O’Connell’s death Mistry unfolded
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The controversial murder of Los Angeles Bishop Devid O’Connell is taking the lead in revealing the mystery. The LA Police authorities arrested Carlos Medina on Monday morning. Investigating officer Los Angeles County Sherrif Robert Luna confirmed the news.

Auxiliary Bishop murder case summary.

An Auxiliary Bishop 69 was found dead in an Archdiocese-owned home he shared with other priests at Hacienda Heights. His upper body wound suggests a gunshot of him. Bishop Devid O’Connell served as a priest and then Bishop for the last 45 years in the community.

This incident came to light after unknown community members performed an emergency medical call.


Murder Suspect arrested by authorities

The suspect in this alleged murder mystery was arrested. Carlos Medina, 65, was arrested and taken into custody from his LA home on Monday. 

According to the authorities, he was initially unwilling to surrender, but later he surrendered at 8.15 am. Authorities also got a search warrant for his home and an arrest warrant. During the search operation detective found 2 guns at his house. This shows the relevance of the Bishop Murder Case to some extent. 

Accordingly, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna’s statements 

Regarding the case, the motive of the murder is still under investigation.

Accused Carlos Medina is familiar with the Bishop

Accused Carlos Medina is the husband of Bishop Devid O’Connell house-made. He even worked for the Bishop. There is no suspected dispute between the duo cleared yet.

Some sources gave a tip to detectives who are working on the case. They claimed that the behavior of Carlos Medina had become weard for a few days. He stated that Bishop Devid O’Connell had taken his money and not refunded it. According to the information, the detective started their investigation. 

After the arrest of the accused, authorities dug further to know the whole truth. County Sherriff Luna said that the wife of the accused is also cooperating with us to resolve the case. Further evidence are submitted to the lab. It will clear more aspects of the Bishop Murder Case.

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Los Angels Community People are shocked by the incident.

Bishop Devid O’Connell’s death was a huge shock for the whole community. People believe that he was a “Peacemaker” for our community. He was a very kind-hearted soul, and why was he killed by someone so brutally? This question made them very uneasy.

After the incident, Archbishop Gomez released his statement with a heavy heart. In this statement, he mentioned Bishop Devid O’Connell’s good deeds and made a tribute to him. Former Mayer of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti also paid tribute to this soul on his Twitter Handle.

All community is mourning for Bishop Devid O’Connel and hoping justice for him.