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Greg Foster, a Three-Time World Champion, Olympian, and Hall of Fame Hurdler Died at 64

Greg Foster Track die

What is He Exactly? What Happened with Him?

According to several sources, Greg Foster, who won the 110-meter hurdles world championship three times and earned the 1984 Olympic silver medal, passed away on Sunday evening at 64. In January, he had a heart transplant.

Foster went on to win three consecutive gold medals at the 110-humps World Championships in 1983, 1987, and 1991. In 1993, he was elected to the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame.

Under elite track coach Bobby Kersee, he earned a silver medal in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984. Despite entering the competition with four of the fastest times in the world, Foster stumbled at his start, and Roger Kingdom from lane eight edged him out by three hundredths.

In the 1988 Olympic Trials, Foster took a Considerable Risk:

He didn’t make the U.S. squad four years later but came close despite racing with a broken arm. He was hurt during a regular drill two weeks before the 1988 Olympic Trials.

Foster required two pins to keep the shattered bones together and was hospitalised for many days. According to Foster, if he falls on his arm again, he has a 50% risk of losing the ability to use it.

Foster retired at 34 to work as a full-time bookkeeper for his wife Marie’s hair-styling shop. At the time, the couple resided in Chino Hills, California, with their two boys, Brandon and Bryce. Foster talked to the Los Angeles Times about his career after retiring. He was more sentimental about his protracted conflict with Renaldo Nehemiah than he was with his iconic arm-casting effort.

“I had to try,” Foster remarked of his legendary race. “In terms of victory, no. I was just disabled.”

Foster was dubbed “the Gehrig to [Nehemiah’s] Ruth, Alydar to Affirmed, and the Lakers to the Celtics” by the Washington Post.

Foster injured his left arm again in a casual basketball game with Darryl Strawberry in 1989, and he also shattered the fifth metatarsal in his right foot in 1990. He tested positive for three illegal stimulants available in over-the-counter medicine that year. He was forbidden from competing for three months before returning to win his third world championship in 1991.

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