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Star Stowe Murder Case – What happened to Star Stowe?

Star Stowe Murder
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Star Stowe, a former Playboy model, was found strangled to death behind a drug store in Coral Springs. Her mysterious death has been the subject of intense interest, and Various media outlets have referred to her as “The Girl with the Star Tattoo”.

She was a well-known model in her time, having achieved the distinction of being featured in Playboy magazine. Unfortunately, Stowe’s life was cut short when an unknown assailant murdered her at 40.

Who was Star Stowe?

Stowe, whose birth name was Ellen Louise Stowe, was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on March 19, 1956. She grew up in different states because of her father’s job as an engineer. She later moved to Las Vegas and became a stripper in an @dult club in Los Angeles. She picked her name”Star” because she loved the skies and got a blue star tattoo below her bikini line. 

A person from Playboy magazine saw Star while working in a Los Angeles strip club and asked her to model for them. She had her picture taken by Pompeo Posar with a Rickenbacker bass guitar. This was in the February 1977 issue, making her famous as the Playmate of the Month. She was the first Playmate to have a visible tattoo. Star went on to date Gene Simmons, who started the band KISS. She even appeared on one of their picture discs. 

Star married and divorced Peter Maligo, and they had a son named Michael. She moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1986 to work as a dancer. When Michael was six, Star sent him to live with his father, but they still talked on the phone and visited. Star had problems with drug addiction, alcoholism, and selling herself for money until 1991, when she lived with a boyfriend and stopped doing drugs and prostitution. Unfortunately, after an argument, they broke up in August 1996, and Star returned to her old ways of being on the streets.

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Star Stowe Death:

Star Stowe was found strangled to death on the street behind a Coral Springs Eckerd pharmaceutical store on the afternoon of March 16, 1997. She was last seen alive getting into a client’s car the day before, and her partially clothed body was discovered a few days before her 41st birthday. 

The authorities only knew that another $ex worker, Sandra Kay Walters, had been strangled and found in a similar situation. The investigation hit a dead-end as no leads were found, and the case was linked to other similar killings of female $ex workers in the area, leading to the belief that a serial killer might be responsible. Even after background checks on multiple people, no one was charged, and the case remains unsolved.

Star Stowe Murder Recent Update:

On February 20, 2023, at 10 pm ET, a new episode of Investigation Discovery’s The Playboy Murders will explore the unsolved case of Star Stowe. The episode, titled The Girl with the Star Tattoo, delves into the life of the 40-year-old former Playboy model and the aftermath of the glamorous yet controversial lifestyle. 

It sheds light on how Star, like many others, was indirectly affected by the glitz and glam of the Playboy world. The episode will take a closer look at the mysterious circumstances of her death in Coral Springs, Florida, in March 1997.