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Are Tini and De Paul still together? How long have Tini and De Paul been together?

Martina Stoessel

Martina Stoessel is a famous Argentine actress, singer-songwriter, model, and dancer.

Martina Stoessel started her career in 2007 with the children’s TV show “Petito Feo”.

Martina played the lead role of Violetta Castillo in the Disney Channel Latin America telenovela, Violetta (2012–2015). The series featured a sequel, “Tini: The Movie” (2016).

After signing with Hollywood Records, Martina released debut self-titled studio album Tini (Martina Stoessel) (2016).

Martina Stoessel’s famous singles are “Miénteme”, “Bar” and “La Triple T”. In 2022, Martina appeared in the “Solo Amor y mil Canciones” television show. Martina will be seen in “The Diary” film.

How old is Martina Stoessel?

Martina Stoessel’s age is 25 years. Martina Stoessel’s full name is Martina “Tini” Stoessel Muzlera. Martina Stoessel is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Martina Stoessel was born to Alejandro Stoessel and Mariana Muzlera on 21 March 1997.

Martina Stoessel has a sibling Rodolfo Stoessel. Martina Stoessel’s height is 5 feet 4 inches approx. Martina Stoessel speaks Italian, Spanish, and English. Martina Stoessel’s nationality is Argentine.

Who is Martina Stoessel Boyfriend?

Martina Stoessel has been in a relationship with many celebrities before.

Currently, Martina Stoessel boyfriend is Rodrigo De Paul. He is an Atlético Madrid football player. He plays as a midfielder for La Liga club Atlético Madrid and the Argentina national team.

Martina Stoessel Boyfriend Rodrigo De Paul

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Martina and Rodrigo are dating each other from mid 2021. In August 2022, Rodrigo de Paul announced through his Instagram post that he and Martina Stoessel were dating.

Prior to this, Martina started dating Argentine actor Peter Lanzani in 2013, but they parted ways after two years in April 2015. But they got back together in the summer and split again in December 2015.

Subsequently, Martina Stoessel announced in September 2015 that she was dating Spanish model Pepe Barroso Silva. In February 2018, Martina Stoessel announced that Kiya and Pepe Barroso were no longer dating, but they got back together in May 2018. On 22 December 2018, Martina Stoessel announced that Kiya and Pepe Barroso had separated.

On 10 June 2019, Martina Stoessel announced during the Martin Fierro Awards ceremony whether to date Colombian singer and frequent collaborator Sebastian Yatra. In May 2020 it was announced that Martina and Sebastian Yatra had ended their relationship.

How long have Tini and De Paul been together?

Martina Stoessel and De Paul are still together. Martina Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul started dating each other in mid-2021. From 2021 till present they are still together.

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