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During a no-contact football practice, a 12-year-old New Jersey boy dies

Source :New York Post

During a no-contact football practice, a 12 year old boy collapsed and died in training. Now the family are blaming the league because they broke the rule and don’t have coaches who know CPR.

He was the student of 6th grade in KIPP Rise Academy named Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia. Last Friday, he was practicing with the Essex County, suddenly, he dropped to the ground and became unresponsive, as told by his to the news channel.


Source : CBS News

His mother, Raven Brown, said to media, “No contact. It was just drills running back and forth. He didn’t get hit; He was a healthy kid…I don’t know why Friday night was his day.”

At that the time, His ten year old, also present in the stadium, called their mother and said that no one here were CPR-certified who trying to help my brother. Mrs Brown said “He said, ‘They are pouring water on him, and they are fanning him.’ And that’s when I got my kids together, and I said, ‘I’m on my way,

When Brown reached the spot, she called ambulances, and she reachd on the field very rapidly. According to Brown, ambulance take around 30-40 minutes to arrive. Elijah was taken to hospital immidtily, where he decalred died by the hospital staff.

On the following day of this incident coach of, Elijah’s called Brown to apologise. They said, ‘Sorry, none of us are CPR-certified,’. According to New Jersey law at least one CPR-certified would be presented at state school event and have a Defibrillator on standby.

Now the mother of child Brown blame the club for this fault and say, “They are neglectful. You can’t run a team like that,” . They also thinkin about taking legal action against the Football league.



Social media tributes of liitle football player

Essex County Predators

Our Hearts are crushed, and our condolences screams out to the family of our very own Elijah E2 Brown. We love You.


I am so sorry for the loss of this child. Please do not do a balloon release. The balloons do not go to Heaven; they deflate and kill birds and turtles here on earth. No more life needs to be lost.

Brandy Frederick

Heartbreaking. Please consider planting a tree in his honor instead of a balloon release. Something his family and friends can visit and see grow. Please don’t let animals suffer.

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