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MSU shooting victim Alexandria Verner’s funeral arrangements announced.

alexandria verner
Source : FOX 17

At Michigan State University, three students, including Alexandria, were killed in a mass shooting. On Monday night, a gunmen fired on the students eventually Brain fraser, Arielle Anderson and Alexandria Verner was killed in this incident.

Apart this five other student were seriously injured in the shooting. Still the name of injured student not disclosed by the Police. As per now, different people are coming together to rememember the victims and offer support to the vicitms familes

MSU Interim President Teresa K. Woodruff said to the media :

Grief is a profoundly personal, and we know the healing process will not be swift. We must take time to think, mourn and be together; I encourage everyone to honor their feelings and find comfort and solace in the close bonds that knit our Spartan family.

alexandria verner

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Alexandria Verner, one of three who killed in the shooting at Michigan State University, funeral will be held in her hometown of Clawson in the weekend. Alexandria died on Monday after seriously injured in the shooting. She was jut 19 years old.

The name of two victims was 19 year old Arielle Anderson and 20 year old Brian Fraser. The time of visitation for Alexandria will be scheduled from 4 pm tp 9 pm while at 8.30 pm scripture service will be begain.

People pouring their tribute to Vicitms

Source: 9GAG

Nick Lombardo

Prayers to the family’s first and for most. You want to stop these shootings focus on why they are happening. Mental health is the first thing. This guy was grieving the loss of his mother and wasn’t doing well mentally no excuse for what happened; help was available to him. Second, he was charged with concealing a firearm punishable up to 5 years, but they gave him probation. Start enforcing laws in place to protect the public. Why let him go on probation if he was In jail there wouldn’t be this shooting.

Marianne Van Bommel-deweyert

No child should live in fear of going to school! This has to stop..💔 Condolences to the families of their children who lost their lives.

Jackie Shindak

Prayers to all parents n family to all students
For the students that lost there lives

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