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Despite being charged with the murder of seven people at Half Moon Bay, the suspect has pleaded not guilty

Half Moon Bay
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Chunli Zaho, a farmworker, was charged with killing seven people last month at Half Moon Bay mushroom farm. He shot at two Northern California mushroom farms, and now pleaded not guilty. The farmer was arrested for one attempted murder and seven counts for murder.

He fired at Half Moon Bay mushroom farm on Jan. 23 as told by Prosecutors. In that event, he killed his four co-workers and wound a person. Then he drove to another place where he worked earlier in the year 2015, and shot another three people to death.

Half Moon Bay

Source : CNN

He also accepted about shooting in an interview in the jail after the shooting. He was bullied and pressured for more work on the farms and always ignored complaints by the owner told by Zhao to the KNTV-TV.

He appeared in the courtroom in a red jail dress. Zhao stand behind the glass with a down head, he spoke to the judge only when the Mandarin translator ask to talk to him, according to Mercury News report. In the last hearing, Zhao cried loudly in front of the judge.

Half Moon Bay

Source: KTLA

Last week the judge issued a gag order prohibiting talking to reporters about the facts of the case or sharing their thoughts, this prohibition is applicable on defence attorneys, prosecuting side as well as Zhao and the county sheriff’s office.

Public reaction on this incident

Lisa King

Seriously.. ? Why on earth would his lawyer suggest a not guilty plea? Perhaps its prelude to some kind of insanity defense.. 😳

Patricia Dominge

a not guilty plea allows a trial where his side of the story is told (I am NOT condoning his actions at all) and allows for mitigating circumstances to be taken into account

Lauren Franco

he killed innocents in front of their children.. he surrended at the sheriff substation in front of cameras.. cowardly act.. he is going to take full advantage of whatever the system can legally guardrail.. in the meantime the families he destroyed with his haneous act suffer in grief.

Sorry.. I feel no sympathy for this man regardless of the situation he was in.. he is headed for free healthcare.. roof over his head.. and consistent meals.. while the families he shot up continue to exist as best as they can.. with grief now a part of their soul

Judy Moraga

Love it when someone is guilty as he’ll with tons of evidence and they still plead not guilty. How do they live with themselves???

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