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Who is Rachel Hollis ex-husband- Dave Hollis? How did Dave Hollis die?

Rachel Hollis
Sources- The New York Times

Rachel Hollis is a famous American author, blogger, and motivational speaker. Rachel Hollis is the author of three books – Wash Your Face, Girl and Girl, and Stop Apologizing.

The New York Times ran a story about Rachel Hollis titled “Girl, Wash Your Timeline” because Rachel Hollis uploaded a video on TikTok that sparked controversy and brought a lot of criticism to Rachel.

Who is Rachel Hollis ex-husband- Dave Hollis?

Rachel Hollis’s marital status is divorced. Rachel Hollis ex-husband’s name is Dave Hollis.

Rachel Hollis married Dave Hollis in 2004. Rachel and Dave have four children. After living together for 16 years, both of them got divorced in 2020 and started living separately.

According to sources, Rachel Hollis has come into a new relationship after getting divorced. The name of Rachel Hollis’s boyfriend is Cez Drake. Both are still together.

Dave Hollis was the renowned former President of Worldwide Theatrical Distribution. Recently, Dave Hollis passed away at the age of 47.

In 2011, Dave Hollis was promoted by Disney to represent the studio’s global distribution arm. During his seven-year career, Dave oversaw major franchises such as “The Avengers” and “Star Wars”.

Dave Hollis worked for the Mouse House for 17 years. This was followed by serving as chief executive of Chick Media, a female-focused digital content company founded by Rachel Hollis in 2018.

How did Dave Hollis die?

Author Rachel Hollis’ ex-husband, Dave Hollis, died at his home in Texas on Tuesday, February 14, 2022, at the age of 47. Dave Hollis’s family confirmed the news by confirming his death. Dave Hollis was admitted to the hospital for his heart issues, and he died during treatment.

Rachel Hollis wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday that her family has “collapsed”.

“I have no words and my heart is too broken to find them,” wrote Rachel Hollis. “Please wrap the children in prayers as we try and navigate through the unimaginable.”

Rachel Hollis ex-husband Dave Hollis

Sources- BuzzFeed News

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