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Who is Suzanne Jackson Husband? Is Suzanne Jackson still married?

Suzanne Jackson
Sources- RSVP

Suzanne Jackson is an Irish blogger, television presenter, and businesswoman. She is well-recognized as the creator of blog SoSueMe.

In 2018 Sussanne released her second tan brand ‘Dripping Gold’. In 2020 Suzanne’s company Kohr Ltd earned a profit of €2.12 million.

In July 2022, Suzanne Jackson announced to step down as CEO of her beauty brand ‘Dripping Gold’ and ‘Sosu Cosmetics’. A few months later, Susan named Caroline Dalton as her successor in October 2022.

In April 2019, Suzanne Jackson guest-starred on “The Late Late Show”. Subsequently, in 2020, Suzanne co-hosted the show “The Style Counselor”.

In 2023, Susan Jackson will be a participant in “Dancing with the Stars” season 6.

What age is Suzanne Jackson?

Suzanne Jackson’s full name is Suzanne Jackson O’Connor. Suzanne Jackson’s age is 38 years. Suzanne Jackson was born to Damian Jackson and Susan Jackson in Dublin, Ireland. Suzanne Jackson’s date of birth is 22 October 1984. Suzanne Jackson’s nationality is Irish.

Who is Suzanne Jackson Husband?

Suzanne Jackson’s marital status is married. Suzanne Jackson husband’s name is Dylan O’Connor.

Suzanne Jackson married Dylan O’Connor in 2017. Susan and Dylan’s wedding was covered by Irish News & Media with pictures from the outlet RSVP Magazine.

As of 2019, Susan and Dylan live in Malahide. After this, in May 2021, Suzanne announced to migrate to Portugal. A month later, in 2021, Suzanne announced that she wanted to stay in Ireland.

Suzanne Jackson is still married to Dylan.

Suzanne Jackson husband Dylan O'Connor

Sources- VIP Magazine

How did Suzanne Jackson become famous?

Suzanne started blogging in 2010. By 2013, Suzanne quit her private job and started giving her full time to her blog. In 2016, Suzanne released her “Sosu Cosmetics” line of beauty products. Suzanne got more popular after Suzanne became famous from her blog as well as her beauty products.

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