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18-Year-Old Accused of Killing Andy Woods Has Been Arrested

18-Year-Old Accused of Killing Andy Woods Has Been Arrested
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A 16-year-old resident named Andy Woods of Chelmsford was murdered in an attack on Sunday at 11:30 pm.

The police officers reported that he was found severely injured close to a green space off Waterson Vale, a residential street in Essex town. After which, he was immediately taken to the hospital, where he passed away.

After the investigation, the local 56-year-old resident Bernadette Godson stated that she heard loud voices shouting. She also added that the voice was of a man and lasted for some time. She had no idea who was there.

Police have successfully sealed the scene of the crime.

Guilty of suspicion arrested

The culprit behind the attack, which leads to the murder of a lovely 16-year-old teenager, was caught by the police officers.

Next week, he will appear in court to answer the charges against him. According to evidence collected from the crime scene, Woods was beaten to death before he died. The motive for the murder has yet to be determined, but investigators are searching the scene for clues.

It turns out that an 18-year-old resident of Chelmsford is still in the custody of police for questioning.

Tributes to Andy Woods

The murder of the lovely child left a hole in the hearts of his loved ones. Andy’s family stated, ” He touched countless people’s lives.”

The caretaker of St John’s church named, Rex Broad supported his family by keeping the church open round the clock to provide them with anything they needed. He also stated that he could not start to imagine the pain and anguish that Andy’s family must feel at this time, and if he was there with them, he would weep with them.

Although Police have asked people not to speculate on social media about the circumstances surrounding his death, Andy’s loved ones are showing their sympathy by posting on social media. One of his known people posted:

“Andy you were so nice, funny, and kind and a great friend to my two. I hope you are at peace Andy sleep well. We will miss you and your cheeky smile and dance moves.”

Andy had just completed Coggeshall’s Honywood school and was supposed to start working at a high school market.

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