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Julian Becerra: Fountain Police Department lost one of its finest officer

Julian Becerra: Fountain Police Department lost one of its finest officer
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The community in Colorado mourns the death of k-9 officer Julian Becerra. Late officer Julian Becerra has served the fountain police department, Colorado Springs, for four and half years.

The accident occurred on February 2, 2023, when the Colorado State Patrol Trooper chased a group of carjackers on Interstate Highway 25 en route to south academy boulevard and Hartford Street. 

The state troopers managed to slow down the suspect’s vehicle, but they tried to flee the scene by jumping the bridge.

While preventing the suspect on the overpass Officer Julian fell from the 40 feet bridge and sustained severe injuries.

The suspects had been taken into custody, and Julian was airlifted to the nearest hospital, where Officer Julian Becerra succumbed to his injuries and died on February 11, 2023.

How did Julian Becerra die?

Officer Julian Becerra died from sustaining injuries from a bridge fall on Interstate Highway 25 near South Academy Boulevard and Hartford Street.

On February 2, 2023, Officer Julian Becerra identified three carjackers in Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs.

The group was spotted again near Love’s Travel Plaza in Fountain city. He informed the dispatcher about the suspects. 

The state patrol trooper successfully stopped the suspects’ vehicle using a tactical maneuver, but one tried to flee the scene by jumping over the bridge.

While preventing the suspect from jumping over, the officer fell from the bridge and sustained severe injuries to his head and body.

He was immediately airlifted to the nearest hospital. Ten days later, he lost the battle of life.

Who was Julian Becerra?   

Officer Julian Becerra was a K-9 Patrol Officer of Fountain Police Department, Colorado Springs.

He joined the department four and a half years ago. He had built a tremendous service record and was one of the city’s finest.

He was a police officer and a loving father who always met everyone warmly, say the people at the fountain and his colleagues from the Fountain Police department, Colorado Springs, US.

City Mayor expresses condolences to Julian’s family for their tragic loss:    

Fountain City mayor Sharon Thompson has expressed condolences to the grieving family for their tragic loss. In her address to the community, she said the city had lost its bravest and finest officer.  

We also extend our deepest condolences to Julian Becerra’s family and hope the state and fountain Police Department take care of the family in their need of the hour.

We pay homage to the fallen hero of the Fountain Police Department, who laid his life in the line of service to the nation and community.              

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