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Hassan Shalgheen, Who is he? Details of Arrest

Hassan Shanlgheen

Hassan Shalgheen claimed himself to be a doctor of the witches. He was a fraud individual who looked forward to harming the women as he wanted to fix them later, asked them to take off their clothes and directly ripped them in terms of a ritual itself. Recently, this happened on the 12th of February 2023 when he invited a woman into his apartment and looked forward to attending the ritual with her. As he asked her to take off her clothes, she felt something was wrong and took him to the police department. The police department arrested him, and the 44-year-old was rested for rape.

who is Hassan Shanlgheen

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Who is Hassan Shalgheen?

Hassan Shalgheen has recently been arrested by the police department and also has been fined 6000 Bond and will be in jail for a very long time as he has been sexually in dance with a lot of women and has the ripped two times and also has taken a lot of robbery and these things under him as he is a man living in Georgia and directly states that he is a doctor of the witches. Still, when he was investigated, he was nothing but a fraud individual who looked forward to affecting the women and sleeping with them. The individual has been directly arrested, and there has not been any further information available about what will directly happen to him. Still, the rest has been made, and the police officers made the investigation very well.

where is Hassan Shanlgheen


Where is Hassan Shalgheen now?

Hassan Shalgheen has directly been taken to the local state police bureau and has been arrested by the state police department and is in jail and has been arrested since the 12th of February 2023 and also has been provided with A fine of 6000 US dollars for hurting women and also trying to affect the third woman on the 12th of February 2023. The investigation of the police officers went very well as the police officers investigated and directly arrested the individual. As the woman who went on to get the treatment on the 12th of February 2023 directly provided the details to the police officers and also stated that something wrong was happening between them, and that was the reason for which the police decided to arrest him.

Hassan Shanlgheen crimes

Daily News

Crimes of Hassan Shalgheen

Hassan Shalgheen is a man living in Georgia who has directly committed many crimes and has been a very falls individual in his entire life as he has directly created many problems from a very young age. Recently he started calling himself a doctor of the which is, and this was something that directly has been a very difficult thing to accept as whatever has happened this something that has directly been a false thing. He went on to take women under his caste manipulated them, and went on to have sexual activities with them and manipulated them into the act in a very bad condition which was very dangerous.

Arrest details


Details of Arrest

The police officers directly arrested Hassan Shalgheen after he raped two individuals and later on went on to rape the third individual, who directly was very fierce in her moves and provided the details to the police officers very soon and also stated to the police officer that whatever was happening with her was something that created a very bad impact. The police officers made the rest on the 12th of February, 2023, and overall details were also provided by the police officers related to the entire incident. He has been taken to the state prison, and he is there for his crimes. It is also expected that there are very high chances of him getting very long imprisonment for himself.

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