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Autopsy Report of Elliot Blair Was Revealed: What Happened to Elliot Blair?

Elliot Blair

A lawyer for Elliot Blair’s family said his head was severely cracked and his body damaged as if more than one person had beaten him before his death. The cause of death of the California lawyer remained unknown after he was discovered face down outside his hotel at Las Rocas Resort and Spa in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, on Jan. 14, leaving his heartbroken wife and family to put together clues.

What does the Autopsy Report Say?

According to preliminary findings from a private second autopsy performed in the United States, Blair sustained more than 40 fractures on his head, most of which were centred in the back of his skull and the left side of his face, according to attorney Case Barnett. Mexican officials first said Blair fell from his second-floor hotel room onto the ground below, but Barnett claims Blair’s injuries tell a different narrative. “It’s clear to us and the specialists we’ve spoken with that this is foul play,” Barnett told The Washington Post. “He either fell to his knees for whatever reason or was hit and dragged. According to one of our experts, this was most likely done by more than one man.”

Blair’s family also stated that when his body was discovered, the right side of his face was on the concrete ground, but the fractures were on the back of his skull on the left side. A coroner’s postmortem report in the Mexican state of Baja California also ruled that Blair’s death was a “aggravated homicide.” Dr Michael Baden, a renowned forensic pathologist, reviewed the autopsy report prepared by the Mexican coroner’s office and photos of Blair’s injuries for The Washington Post and concluded, “Based on the materials, it is my opinion that Elliot Blair died of multiple blunt force injuries and that he was murdered after returning to the hotel.”

What do the Officials Say About Elliot Blair Death?

What do the Officials Say About Elliot Blair Death


One of the officers claimed they were being stopped for failing to come to a complete stop at a junction and demanded cash, which they initially denied having. “The police inquired as to where we were staying and what we were doing in Rosarito,” Williams explained. “Elliot informed him that we were on vacation. He requested for money again. Elliot then produced his Orange County Public Defender’s badge. ‘Look, we’re attorneys, and we’re not going to play these games,’ Elliot replied angrily. We will do things correctly. Bring us to the station, and I’ll pay with a credit card, and you can give me a receipt.”

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