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After a high speed chase, romance novelist faleena hopkins is missing in Wyoming and arrested

faleena hopkins
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Fleeing officers arrested a romance novelist named Faleena Hopkins in Grand Teton National Park. Since January 30, she has been reported missing by friennds and family. We will see all the details about Faleena Hopkins in this article.

Faleena Hopkins: What Happened to her

52 years old, Faleena Hopkins was arrested on Jan. 27 after officers from the National Park Service found her car on the road at Jackson Lake Junction. She led them on a 24-mile high-speed chase, entailing spike strips to deflate her tyres. Some of Hopkins’s family members information the Jackson Hole Daily on Friday, and they told the media that Hopkins was missing from past ten days.

On the incident of 27th January, including stopping or parking on the wrong place as well exceeding the speed limit. She was also charged with attempting to elude police. The exciting thing appear here is that the police officials and jail roster listed her as a resident of Seattle, Washington while she gave the address as “Jackson, 83001”.

faleena hopkins

source: IMDB

According to the information of DCI’s missing person profile she was last seen on Jan. 30, this was the day when Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge Kelly Ranking released her from the Teton County jail.

She is scheduled on February 28 at 10 a.m. for an upcoming hearing in the federal court for an arraignment. Now the family of Faleena Marie Hopkin’s family trying to find her with the help of her friends. None of her friends heard about Faleena or even had seen her since she was last seen by her family members.

Her family member is trying hard to find any clue to get closer to Faleena’s current location.

Faleena Hopkins Body Description:

Faleena Hopkins’s height is about 5 feet 7 inches, while her weight is about 135 pounds. She has blond hair as well as Green eyes.

faleena hopkins

Source: IMDB

She has too many tattoos on her body, one of her left shoulder, looked like a lion’s face. The second one is a picture of a hummingbird on her right ankle and an infinity symbol on her left wrist.

“follow all instincts” appeared on her right wrist.

Help the Police

Anyone with information or contact with Faleena is asked to contact the Jackson Police Department at (307) 733-1430 or the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation at (307) 777-7181 as soon as possible.

Public reaction on this event

Shaughnessey Steenburgen-Lill

It’s scary but it looks like she was behaving erratically. You can’t follow NY rules in Wyoming. I hope she’s found.

Necie Navone

She was and released and due back in federal court on the 27th. I think. But was reported missing by family and friends. She has not been seen or heard from since he left on the 30 of January.

April Beep

I’m truly surprised it hasn’t gotten more attention esp with the history of her trademark case. The novelty of it should get it more attention.

Lynda Cox

I have a really bad feeling about this. I pray to all the gods that I’m wrong.

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