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Pasquale Lamanna Dead: What Happened to Pasquale Lamanna? The Founder Of Famous Supermarket

Pasquale Lamanna dead

Pasquale LaManna, the founder of the famed Lamanna Melbourne store, died unexpectedly. In this article, we’ll look at what happened to him and Pasquale LaManna’s cause of death.

Who is Pasquale Lamanna?

Pasquale LaManna arrived at Essendon Airport from Italy in 1948, hoping to start a new life in Australia, as did many other new Australians arriving from Europe after WWII. Pat had no idea that his son and grandson would subsequently construct one of Australia’s best supermarkets in the same building 62 years later when he stepped off the plane and noticed a massive red brick structure just metres away.

Pat, a 16-year-old with no formal education and no English, came to Essendon Airport to open a small fruit stand. He collected veggies for a few years before founding his fruit shop in West Preston in 1953. His reputation for trustworthy service and commitment to excellence spread fast throughout Melbourne. Pat soon built businesses in all of Melbourne’s leading shopping malls and rose to fame as a pioneer in home delivery. Pat’s sons Vince and Greg joined him in the 1970s.

Pasquale Lamanna Dead: What Happened?

LaManna With tremendous grief, Melbourne confirmed the death of Pasquale LaManna, and the statement reads, Nonno Pasquale landed at Essendon Airport in 1948, and his trip ends today. We announce the death of our dear Father, Nonno, and “big Nonno,” Pasquale LaManna, with a heavy heart. He died quietly this morning, surrounded by family. He will be greatly missed, but his legacy will live on forever in our family. LaManna, Pasquale 10.06.32 – 10.02.23

Pasquale Lamanna’s Online Business:

Under the business name LaManna Direct, LaManna’s was founded in 2008 as a completely online business, delivering fresh vegetables and other vital grocery products while giving excellent customer care to customers’ homes in Melbourne’s East. LaManna Direct was Melbourne’s best up-and-coming specialised food delivery service, ahead of the trend. After 18 months, the company outgrew its initial Blackburn North location and needed a larger footprint to ensure continuing growth and distribution. A new opportunity developed as a result of this process. Vince LaManna, the company’s founder, discovered a new location, Hangar 89 at 10 English St, Essendon Fields, near Melbourne’s oldest airport, Essendon Airport, where his father Pasquale landed over 60 years ago.

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