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How was Daryl Jenkins found dead? Daryl Jenkins Found Dead After 6 Months

Daryl Jenkins found dead

Daryl Jenkins’ remains were discovered in a field along the Washington-St. Tammany Parish line months after he was reported missing. Let’s look into what happened to Daryl Jenkins and how he was discovered dead six months after he went missing.

How was Daryl Jenkins found dead?

Dr Charles Preston, Coroner of St. Tammany Parish, recognised the person whose remains were discovered along the Washington-St. Tammany Parish line last month. The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office initiated an inquiry after bone remains were found in a field on January 18. In a statement issued on Friday, the coroner’s office stated that DNA testing was utilised to identify the remains. Preston’s office was invited to join the inquiry on January 20, and DNA from the remains was obtained on January 24. The DNA analysis was completed on February 6 and entered into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), a national database of genetic records.

CODIS reported a preliminary match the next day, confirmed yesterday morning. Daryl D. Jenkins, 38, was last seen in July 2022 and conclusively identified as the decedent. Jenkins went missing in September, according to the Picayune, Mississippi, Police Department. The Picayune Police Department has alerted his nearest of kin.

The mystery has been solved:

“I’m incredibly appreciative of the St. Tammany Parish Coroner’s cooperation and assistance in bringing this case closer to closure,” stated Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal. “We frequently rely on our judicial system partners in neighbouring parishes, and we appreciate the speed with which they work.” “Tragedy and crime do not respect geopolitical boundaries,” Preston explained. “Ours is the only Coroner’s Office in the state with its DNA lab, and we’re lucky to have the ability to give speedy turnaround for local law enforcement agencies. Hopefully, identifying Mr Jenkins will bring Sheriff Seal and the Picayune Police Department closer to solving this mystery and bringing closure to the decedent’s family.”


Washington Parish, Louisiana– A 38-year-old man who went missing last summer was discovered dead in a field in Washington Parish this month. Daryl Jenkins’ skeleton was found in an area near the border of Washington and St. Tammany Parish on January 18, according to officials. According to a spokeswoman for the sheriff of Washington Parish, a hiker discovered what appeared to be human bones while digging for arrowheads in the woods near the parish line. Jenkins was last seen in July 2022, and his disappearance was reported to Picayune, Mississippi police in September. The Washington Parish Coroner’s Office and Sheriff’s Office investigate the death’s cause and circumstances.

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