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Who was Mama Cax and how did Mama Cax die?

Mama Cax

Google Doodle celebrated the life of Mama Cax. Haitian – American beauty model Mama Cax was a beauty influencer with a prosthetic leg. She was a strong supporter of rights of people with disabilities. She tried to make a place for these people in the beauty and fashion industry. At the age of 30, Mama Cax died in 2019 at London. She was diagnosed with lung and bone cancer at the age of 14.

Mama Cax


After a failed hip replacement surgery, her one leg was cut off by a surgical operation. Late Mama Cax chose to make her carrer in the beauty industry. She beacme a great advocate of disable persons. In different fashion shows she flaunts her prosthetic leg.

Mama Cax: How She Died

She was hospitalized in 2019 London, and she died after a week-long period in hospitalisation. The reason of her death was shortly revealed to the public. Accroding to the media reports, she had a severe stomach ache and was also dignosed with many blood clots in her lungs. Eventually she lost her life at just age of 30.

She believed in the self-love and gave many bold statements about fashion throughout her carrer. She was often seen decorated her prosthetic leg and proudly displayed it at various fashion events.

Mama Cax : Life Journy

Mama Cax always gave her best to better representation for the disabled person in the fashion industry.

Mama Cax


She gave her thoughts to create a positive impact on the fashion insudtry. She alos collaborated with several high-end companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Rihanna’s Fenty and Sephora. Apart from these, she appeared in the cover of Teen Vogue in 2018.

Mama Cax took her degrees in BA and MA in international relations and worked for the mayor of New York City during his acedmic studies.

Mama Cax’s death announced on Instagram

Cax’s family took the Instagram to announce the news about her death. They post a picture of sad notes on Instagram¬†

“It is with deep regret and immense sadness that we announce the passing of Cacsmy Brutus(Mama Cax). Mama Cax spent the past week in the hospital and unfortunately on Monday, December 16, 2019, she left this world.

Further in the post they told about the fighting spirit about Cax “To say that Cax was a fighter would be an understatement. As a cancer survivor, she had grown accustomed to taking on life’s challenges head-on and successfully. It is with that same grit that she fought her lasy days on earth.

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