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Flow and Power: what did Cody Rigsby say?

cody rigsby
Source: Pelo Buddy

Cody Rigsby, a trendy cycling instructor has come under fire from Kristina Girod’s fellow fitness influencer. The follwers called him and said that he was attacked on a black woman-owned business. After all of this controversy Kristian Girod respond to him on social media, for now Rigsby apologized for his statement about Kristian.

A cycling studio named Power+Flow runs by the Kristian Girod at Scottsdale, Arizona. She is super active on social media platforms, and regularly posted her videos and photos of her sessions and classes. If we talk about the followers, he has more than 800,000 followers on Instagram and 1.4 million on TikTok.

cody rigsby

Source: TIEM

She was known for standard Peloton cycling classes with great speed and intense choreography. And the session are never called unsafe. One of his followers wrote in the comment section “@codyrigsby we want these classes from peloton and your the person to do it!!! @onepeloton”

Cody Rigsby’s public diss about Kristian Girod

After all this drama Girod took her social media platforms to respond on it: A call out to @codyrigsby and @onepeloton to do better. And a shoutout to everyone who has loved and supported my small business and the magic we create. 💫♥️

She also expressed her view in the video “It’s disappointing to see comments like this come across my screen coming from someone who should actually know better. Cody, Peloton, I’ve been a follower for years. Disappointed to see you talk about a locally owned, black business who’s just trying to change the game and is doing so. So I’m going to encourage you to keep this energy out of my way because we don’t have the time for that. Wishing you all the best. Hope that you can come out from this realizing this type of energy is not what we’re taking into 2023 and thereafter.”

Cody Rigsby apologizes

Cody Rigsby also took social media and made a apology video on this incident and said “I want to say I’m sorry to Kristina and the Power+Flow community in Scottsdale, Arizona.

cody rigsby


I know my words have an impact, they matter, and I will do better as I move forward. I have the utmost respect for the community you’re building, and what I said shouldn’t have been said.”

Public reaction on this incident

Amen. That’s a pretty appalling comment to hear in general. Good for you calling him out. Maybe he just doesn’t have the skill to do it. That’s my guess.

Angela Manuel-Davis


Frankie Guerrero

So many problems with this entire situation. Cody made a comment specific to the request for intense and extreme workouts on Peloton. It was a criticism on the type of class you offer, not all opinions are positive, and he is allowed to have one.

He said what he said, move on… forget it or consider it. You know, maybe deep down you are hurt, but come on, this wasn’t about being black-owned, women-owned, or independent. All amazing achievements. You’re a business, have a backbone. If you didn’t have time for it, then ignore, and “go high.” Wish you the best, sincerely love what you’ve created, but this wasn’t at all necessary. Maybe it was? But that’s just my opinion.


His criticism was of your exercise technique, he said absolutely nothing about your race, your funding for your business or how hard you worked to create it? Why didn’t you address how safe this workout is rather than run back into the identity corner? (I will totally grant you his tone of comment was off completely) but this accomplishes absolutely nothing.

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