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How did Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu die?

Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu die

Sadly, Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu, wife of All Nations Bishop Bheki Lukhele and a Grammy-winning gospel singer, has gone away. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu’s death and its cause.

Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu’s cause of death is unknown.

Grammy-winning gospel singer and the late wife of All Nations Bishop Bheki Lukhele, Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu, has died.

Spholesihle Dlamini, a close friend of Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu’s, posted a moving homage to her online.

It said,

“Good night, buddy. To put it mildly, I shall always adore you. I’ve seen a lot of the criticism posted here, but here’s what naysayers don’t realise: you were a courageous kid. You never let epilepsy hold you back, and as a result, you shone even brighter than before. You were too much for some of us, but those of us who knew you well understood that “too much” was the perfect description of you, Kumuntfu longakwati.

All Nations Bishop's wife Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu dies - Eswatini

Source: Africepress

Mayibongwe ne has a crazy sense of humour and a penchant for drama; she’s quite juvenile.

We used to make Sister Benni blush to the point of almost passing out with all of our giggling fits at MDS. Also, you were quite neurotic and picky about who you let into your inner circle; nekutrabhana Jehovongcwele.

Mthimkhulu, Bhungane, Mashiyamahle, my dearest sister. To my sister Tanele: Uvusele, when you arrive to heaven. Closure will be achieved when I finally get to meet my daughter, Fisiwe sitokhuluma ngawe mnganwami. Despite wearing “Louis Vuitton,” you mispronounce the brand’s name, therefore Abekuhleba Fisiwe atsi.

Until tomorrow, Bling Queen “

Death of Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu, Reason

We regret to notify you of the passing of Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu.

Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu had a warm and approachable demeanour, according to many who knew him. Given the recent events, many people are likely inquisitive as to what exactly caused Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu’s death.

At the Medisun Clinic on Tuesday night, Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu reportedly passed away.

Those who are close to the gospel singer say,

“Yes, she did pass away at Medisun.

To this day, we still don’t know what exactly killed Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu. If/when we receive new details, this article will be revised accordingly.

Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu: who was this mysterious figure?

Ms. Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu taught first grade at St. Mark’s Primary School. Years ago, she tied the knot with Bishop Lukhele of All Nations. The 2014 Swaziland Gospel Artist Award was given to her because of her talent as a gospel singer.

A Tribute to Mayibongwe Mthimkhulu

Many individuals have sent their deepest condolences to her family and shown their affection for her.

A. Skuhilele Penned,

Due to our loud singing and joking about with Mayibongwe, we were almost evicted from the hostel. Mthimkhulu, I hope you’re at peace.

When Makama penned,

To paraphrase, “Ya….ngibuvile buhlungu last night….Mayibongwe sahlanganiswa lutsandvo lwekuhlabela at St. Theresa’s…

One day at a school concert, I sang harmony with her and we both sang “Mphefumlo wam” waLundi. Even if yena bengangumuntfu lowatiwako, she would still spare sikhashana sakhe sivuselane. Mangimbona abengangidvwaleli…ay….ya.

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