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Marquez Parker allegedly held his girlfriend at gunpoint.

Marquez Parker allegedly held his girlfriend at gunpoint.
Image Source: Daily Voice

Marquez Parker alleged he held his girlfriend at gunpoint in Washington. He was arrested, and later died at the police station.

Who was Marquez Parker?

Marquez Parker was a 44-year-old man from Washington, D.C. Marquez Parker has been dating Selita Lee.

While it is now confirmed that he has been accused of kidnapping his girlfriend at gunpoint.

He was arrested and taken into custody but died a few hours later in a district jail cell. 

Despite attempts to save him, he was declared dead at the scene by D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating his death. Officers tried everything they could to save Marquez Parker’s life, but he died.

What happened to Marquez?

Marquez Parker died hours after his arrest in a police holding cell. The Metropolitan Police Department checked Parker around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday and found him unconscious and not breathing.

The police immediately requested paramedics and tried to save him with Narcan, CPR, and a defibrillator, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Medical Examiner’s Office is investigating Parker’s death, and the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau is also looking into it.

Once the police officers declare the cause of his death, we will inform you of the information.

Stay connected to us. Our reports are trying to determine the cause of the death.

At the same time, the close ones of Marquez Parker have been posting social media posts and praying for him.

Selita Lee, Marquez Parker’s girlfriend:

Marquez Parker was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping his girlfriend, Selita Lee, at gunpoint.

The police were called in after the victim’s family and friends reported seeing Parker allegedly waving a gun toward her in a live Instagram video.

Parker was charged with armed kidnappings with such a firearm. Despite being rescued, no more information about Selita Lee’s capture or location has been provided.

Parker died in custody a few hours within a week of his arrest.

The family members of Selita Lee were very worried, but she was safe now. Unfortunately, Marquez Parker lost his life in police custody.

He was declared dead, and the family members are sad about his death.

They have been praying for his soul to rest in peace.

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