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Essex police found Chloe and Ruby Pinkney-Cook- two young girls.

Essex police found Chloe and Ruby Pinkney-Cook- two young girls.
Image Source: The Sun

The investigation to find the two girls, Chloe and Ruby Pinkney-Cook, has taken a great turn, and police officers were able to find them.

The news is being shared on social media by the police officers.

What happened to Chloe and Ruby Pinkney?

Chloe and Ruby Pinkney-Cook, two sisters aged 13 and 11, have gone missing. The girls were last seen in the Abdy Avenue area of the town.

The time was 12.45 p.m. on February 4, 2023. Later, they were found safe after going missing in Harwich, Essex.

The police case was also registered. The police were searching for the two missing girls and urged anyone with information to call them.

The police officers shared the details of the girls. The young girls were schoolgirls, and even the family members don’t know how they went missing from the Avenue area.

How do police officers locate the two sisters?

It has yet to be publicly available how the police officers have been able to locate both Chloe and Ruby Pinkney-Cook, but we are trying to know.

We will update you once we get any information on how police officers made it possible to locate the two sisters.

The girls, described as white and skinny, were last seen in the town’s Abdy Avenue area around 12.45 p.m. yesterday.

Chloe was dressed in a baby blue coat, blue jeans, and pink and white Nike Air Force sneakers.

On the other hand, Ruby was dressed in a blue Helly Hansen coat and patterned green trousers.

The girls are thought to need a phone, cash, access to funds, or travel cards.

It is not stated what the outcome of the investigation was or what led to the girls being found safe. Police officers have also thanked the public for sharing their appeal. 

All about the family members of the Chloe and Ruby Pinkney:

Everyone worried about the girls as they went missing, and they had been praying for them to return.

It was a very difficult moment for the family to go through. Both sisters were very young, and thankfully, the Essex police found them.

People have been posting thanks to the police officers, and they have been stating that it is great news to know that they have found both Chloe and Ruby Pinkney-Cook.

Family members are now relaxed, knowing that police officers have found them. 

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