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What is Miya Houston’s age? Marques Houston’s wife’s age and first kid

Miya Houston's age
Source: Essence Magazine

Zara Houston was born on December 2 to singer Marques Houston and his wife Miya Dickey, who are now the proud parents of their first child together.

Houston stated in an interview with Us Weekly that his wife, Zara, selected their children’s name because she thought it had an exotic sound. He stated that Dickey had expressed a desire for their daughter to have a name that would not be considered typical for a name.

Houston mentioned that he and Dickey are experiencing some unusual emotions now that they are new parents. He remarked how the fact that they are unable to babysit their friends’ children and that they are unable to get any sleep serves as a reminder to them that they are now parents.

Meet Zara! Marques Houston, Wife Miya Quietly Welcome Daughter

Source: Essence Magazine

The age difference between Marques Houston and Miya Dickey

When Miya Dickey married Marques Houston in the year 2020, she was just 19 years old at the time. In June of 2020, Houston posted a picture to Instagram in which he revealed his wife’s age.

Miya will be 20 years old in the year 2020, although her spouse will be 40 years old at that time. There is a gap of twenty years between the ages of the two people. Because of the hostility they have received because of the age gap between them, the couple chose to keep Dickey’s pregnancy a secret and did not say anything about it.

Timeline of the relationship between Marques Houston and Miya Dickey

Marques Houston has been quoted saying that he first spoke to Miya Dickey in 2018 during a Jehovah’s Witness gathering. Chris Stokes, who manages Houston, and his daughter served as the intermediary in the introduction.

After one year and five months of dating, the couple were engaged in 2019. The public voiced their disapproval of their connection, and some of those individuals questioned whether or not Houston had reached the age of majority when she began dating Dickey.

On Instagram, Houston clarified, stating that the issue of his love life should not be brought up with everything that is happening around the globe. He stated that this is not about music or television but his family and the woman he plans to marry.

The nuptials of Marques Houston and Miya Dickey took place at the Eagle Glen Golf Club in Corona, California, back in the year 2020, when the happy couple decided to tie the knot. Due to the epidemic caused by COVID-19, only a few people were present at the event, but recording artist Major surprised everyone by showing up.

Houston is a famous performer in both the music and acting worlds. He is well recognised for his role as Roger Evans in the sitcom Sister, Sister, which he played on television. Meanwhile, Dickey has become a public figure, online celebrity, and companion of a celebrity. It is estimated that she has a net worth of around $50,000.

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