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Lakeland, Florida, police report 11 wounded in a drive-by shooting

lakeland shooting
Source: Fox 12 Tampa Bay

On Monday a mass shooting incident in Florida left 11 people injured as informed by the Lakeland Police Department. Two victims are serious while nine others are suffering from non-life-threatening wounds.

Now the Lakeland Police Chief Sam Taylor informed to media about two serious victims “One is in surgery, and the other is either in surgery or headed to surgery”. Still no suspects have been identified, and the police catch no one.

lakeland shooting

Source: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

In Tuesday morning’s press conference Taylor informed the media “However we have people and we are very interested in”. According to the police, they found the vehicle used by the suspects where they start firing.

Further Taylor said They are very confident that there are at least four suspects and two of them did the firing from the car. At 3.43 p.m. Police responded to the calls near Iowa Avenue North and Plum Street.

All the injured people are adult men between 20 and 35 years old, said to the police. Police also informed that the shooting was intentional, it was not random at all.

The chief police officer said, “We don’t believe there’s any reason that the public would need to be concerned right now; we think that the individuals in the car shot at and shot who they wanted to shoot.”

lakeland shooting

Source: WTHR

Police officials also said that they found the marijuana at the location, maybe before the shooting, and there was marijuana trading at the time of the incident. However, police still don’t have enough evidence to make the connection between marijuana and suspects.

Public reactions to this incident

Georgiana Bingham Goodson

We can’t hear this briefing, but something terrible happened in our community today. Prayers for the families of those who died and for our Lakeland community.

Austin Ray Loyd

Definitely gang related!!!!!!!! Bro stressing I’ve done this for 35 years bro Lakeland is changing!!!!

Pretty Kay

That’s not Grady jurisdiction,,,, people it’s Lakeland police department….

Michael Ian Baillie

Bro, you guys have so many trap houses per capita it puts some cartel cities in Mexico to shame. Never seen before my foot

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