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What is LaJoya McCoy’s Cause of Death? LaJoya McCoy Murder Case

NBC’s ‘Dateline’ has a library of in-depth investigative journalism that truly showcases storytelling at its best, giving us one compelling true-crime story after another. It dishes up real-life mysteries that have shaken the country to its core, complete with interviews with everyone involved in the case and narration. Its episode ‘The Dead of Night,’ which depicts the gruesome murder of LaJoya McCoy, is no exception. Even though she died in mid-2015, no one realised she was dead until approximately a week later, yet investigators were able to gather enough evidence to solve the case fast. Do you want to know everything? Here’s everything we know so far.

What is LaJoya McCoy’s Cause of Death?

LaJoya McCoy, a 31-year-old Pasadena, California native, was having a wonderful life. She worked full-time as an auditor for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and owned Joya Boutique in Monterey Park as a single mother of two. Yes, she was busy most of the time, but she always found time for her children, family, and friends, never missing an appointment. As a result, when June 15, 2015, arrived and no one had heard from her in days, they became concerned. When people attempted to contact LaJoya at work, her coworkers indicated that she still needed to arrive and had missed many crucial meetings.

The Monrovia Police Department (MPD) responded to the 800 block of West Olive Avenue that day to check on LaJoya’s welfare. When they came across her house and noticed evidence of foul play, they quickly contacted her to secure a search warrant. They requested aid from the Sheriff Homicide Bureau in what they assumed was a missing person’s investigation. The next day, on June 16, they spotted her car in the 200 block of West Cypress Avenue, approximately a mile from her apartment, and discovered her killed body inside, covered with a blanket and a child’s car seat.

Who killed LaJoya McCoy?

On August 27, 2015, more than a month after LaJoya’s death, homicide detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrested 45-year-old Jose Roberto Turner, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her two children, in connection with the case. Their children were with him at this point. The pair had been together for about a decade before parting just two years before the homicide, which Jose was upset about. After LaJoya’s remains were discovered, her friends and relatives expressed concern for her well-being in light of some of the weird things happening to her.

They claimed her tyres had been slashed and that she had felt as though someone had been inside when she returned home more than once, especially since some documents had gone missing. Following that, the investigators began checking into her personal life and belongings, where they located her ex-boyfriend lurking in the shadows. According to witnesses, Jose showed stalker-like behaviour and jealousy when LaJoya was with other men, which had rekindled as she had a potential date. In his journal, he’d even vented his rage at her and discussed how he’d killed her immediately before her murder. Jose’s demise, on the other hand, was his actions.

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