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How Natalie Fornasier Died? Sydney Writer Dies From Melanoma

Natalie Fornasier, a well-known Sydney writer and health campaigner, has passed away. She was 28 years old. Let’s look closely at Natalie Fornasier and her cause of death. Natalie Fornasier died on January 14. She was diagnosed with melanoma when she was 20 years old. She increased public awareness of the hazards of skin cancer.

Sydney native Fornasier passed away on January 14. Since receiving a stage III metastatic melanoma diagnosis at age 20, she has devoted her life to raising awareness of the risks associated with skin cancer. Her skin cancer was discovered after she observed a change in the shape of a mole on her toe. Her passing was announced in an obituary published in The Sydney Morning Herald.

How Natalie Fornasier Died?

After a protracted struggle with malignant melanoma, Fornasier died on January 14. Her unexpected death occurred two months after she married her palliative care partner Alex in a private ceremony at the clinic. In December, she informed her 35,000 Instagram followers that her disease had progressed to the point of being terminal, delivering a distressing update from palliative care. ‘The previous four months have been hell on earth. ‘At the end of July, I learned that my cancer was terminal and that I just had months to live,’ she wrote.

‘I’ve sobbed myself hoarse over my fear of death. I’ve screamed for the children I’ll never have, for growing old, my friends, and the life I’m supposed to live.

What is Melanoma?

Melanoma is a skin cancer that typically develops in body regions overexposed to the sun. Melanoma frequently has no symptoms, but the first indicator is usually a change in an existing mole or the formation of a new lesion. “All that matters is love. Truly. “Just love,” Fornasier wrote in an Instagram post to her more than 35,000 followers. When she was 20, a skin check revealed a suspicious mole on one of her toes, and she was diagnosed with stage three metastatic melanoma. “We’re confident to share that both cancerous tumours have been removed, but now begins a long road of rehabilitation and subsequent treatment,” she wrote after a gruelling surgery in 2019.

Before her death, loved ones put up a GoFundMe page for Ms Fornasier’s family and spouse. It has raised almost $110,000 thus far. Ms Fornasier, then barely 20 years old, discovered her legs were bruised when she woke up one morning during a trip to Greece. She thought she was sleepwalking until she noticed the mole on her toe had changed shape, something she had had since birth.

She didn’t find out she had advanced melanoma until two weeks after she returned home. Her toe was severed, and the lymph nodes in her groyne were removed. Ms Fornasier, the ambassador for the #CallTimeOnMelanoma social media campaign, had advised young women to get their skin checked and to be more cautious when sunbathing.

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