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Who were the victims of the Monterey Park shooting?

The police have identified four deadly victims at California’s Monterey Park. Stay tuned with us to know more about the incident and details about the suspect.

On Saturday, Eleven people were killed in the shooting, while nine others were wounded at a dance studio. Mostly the identified victims are in their 50s and 60s. Three women and four men were also injured in this incident.

The strange thing is that the suspect was later found dead in a car. Police have still found the reason behind all the incidents.

Details about the victims

monterey park mass shooting

Source: Deadline

My Nhan, 65 years old found as one of the victims whose family members said that she was regular at the Monterey Park dance studio, where the shooting incident had happened. Journalist Tiffany Liou- whose husband was Ms Nephew, posted on Twitter, “still sinking in”.

She posted on Twitter, “Mymy Nhan was the first person shot and killed during the #MontereyPark mass shooting.I’ve covered many tragedies, and I never imagined one would hit so close to home. My husband’s family is hurting beyond measure. Here’s a statement on behalf of the family.”

Also, some other victims were identified by the officials, 68 years old Valention Alvero, 57-year-old Xiujan Yu and 63-year-old Lilan Li. While a new study identified one of the other victims as Ming Wei Ma. Ming was known by the members who always helped to manage the dance studio.

Dance teacher Lauren Woods posted on Facebook about his friend. “He was so adorable to me, and I could tell he was the heart of Star Ballroom,” Ms Woods said. “So many dancers, teachers and organizers were connected with Ma, and I will miss him dearly.”

A small trickle of mourners was held at the studio on Monday morning. Many people reached till mid-morning with several bouquets and candles and paid tribute to the victims. A man came with roses and the note, “you all are in our prayers.”

People are pouring their tributes on Twitter

monterey park mass shooting

Source: BBC

Sara Willa Ernst
Hi Tiffany — we’ve never met in person, but on Zoom once or twice. I’m extending my condolence to your husband and the rest of the family. Wishing them lots of healing and care. This is so tragic and when I first heard of the news my heart immediately broke.

Grace Toohey
So so sorry to hear about this awful news. I cannot imagine the pain your family is feeling. Your statement about Mymy is beautiful. If you or anyone else in the family would like to share more about her, we’d love to help our community remember her. [email protected]

Emily Baucum
I’m so very sorry to hear this. As a member of the ballroom dance community, it’s devastating to think a place that fosters kindness and positivity can be targeted in such a horrific way. Sending strength to your family 🙏

Elizabeth Chuck
Tiffany, thank you so much for your response to my email about Mymy. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about her. I sent you another email whenever you have a chance to respond. Thank you again.

Tre Ward ABC 7
Sending you and Allen so much love. My heart breaks for you and your family. Love you, and I am forever praying for your healing 🙏🏾

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