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Half Moon Bay mass shooting: 7 dead, 1 injured; suspect in custody

Half Moon Bay mass shooting
Source - The New York Times

In Half Moon Bay in US California, a gunman shot seven people at agricultural facilities. Now a 67-year-old suspect has been taken into custody. Let’s check out what happened at Half Moon Bay in detail.

Seven people were killed in two different shooting incidents at agricultural facilities in Half Moon Bay in US California. In just three days, it was the second mass shooting incident.

What Happened at Half Moon Bay

Three persons were found dead, while at the other spot, several miles away, four people were found dead, and a fifth was injured from gunshot wounds.

The suspect has been identified as a 67-year-old worker named Zhao Chunli, who killed the Chinese farm workers. According to the reports, Zhao Chunli shot his coworkers before fleeing the scene.

Some other workers and children may have witnessed the shooting point reported by Offical authorities. San Mateo County S.O. tweeted from their official handle.

“The Sheriff’s Office is responding to a shooting incident with multiple victims in the area of HWY 92 and the HMB City limits. Media is requested to approach from the north and stage at the Half Moon Bay substation at 537 Kelly Ave. in Half Moon Bay”.

Police Investigation in the case

Further, they informed the public through a new tweet that the suspect is in custody and, for now, there is no ongoing threat to the community.

The sheriff’s office said the suspect was arrasted and taken into custody when he was in his car in the parking lot of the Half Moon Bay substation. A gun was found in his car, and he was taken into police custody.

A video was posted to the news; in the video, police officers pounded Zhao Chunli to the ground before taking him into police custody.

According to other images, the police are trying to collect more evidence from the farm with dozens of greenhouses. Liz Kreutz also posted a tweet: “A suspect is now in custody in the Half Moon Bay shootings. Here’s the intense moment it happened – caught on video by our @abc7newsbayarea camera.

Netizens’ reactions on the incident

Lori Hamilton
Wow. They didn’t kill him?? Cops can arrest someone without killing them??

Oran Gutan
I liked it better when old Asian guys got their revenge with karate.

Fantastic work by your videographer in a very fluid situation; glad they are safe.

feed me
Is that standard process of arrest to go up to the perp? Don’t they usually give verbal commands to lay down with hands behind their head first?

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