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What is the Identity of Peter Lampley? What Occurred When a Suspect Shot and Murdered Larry Miller Taco Mac in Cobb County? Explained

The Atlantan who was killed in a shooting outside a Taco Mac in Cobb County had lunch with the suspect. The man apprehended in the deadly shooting of Larry Miller in a Cobb County, Georgia, restaurant on Monday has been named Peter Lampley. Lampley shot Miller, 24, outside the Taco Mac eatery on Monday during his lunch break. Let’s take a closer look at Who Is Peter Lampley and this shooting case.

What is the Identity of Peter Lampley?

The culprit in the deadly shooting of Larry Miller in a Cobb County, Georgia, restaurant on Monda has been identified as Peter Lampley.

Lampley shot Miller, 24 when he was on his lunch break outside the Taco Mac Restaurant.

Larry Miller, What Happened to Him?

Police say they’re still puzzled as to why a guy shot a friend he was enjoying lunch with outside Taco Mac on Cobb Parkway on Monday.

According to Cobb County Police, the incident happened at 12:19 p.m. in the parking garage behind the restaurant in the Vinings area. According to authorities, Larry Miller, 24, of Atlanta, was shot many times.

He was brought to a nearby hospital, where he passed away. After being detained, Peter Lampley was subsequently charged with murder. According to investigators, Lampley and Miller allegedly came to Taco Mac during a lunch break. The police were still investigating what caused the deadly gunfire.

What Exactly did the Witness Say?

Off-screen, a guy Mims encountered claimed to have worked with both Lampley and Miller but was uncertain what caused Lampley to begin filming.

Witness Kristy Owens called 911 after hearing several gunfires. She saw paramedics doing CPR on Miller lying on the pavement.

Lampley, according to Owens, exited the restaurant wearing nothing. According to Owens, he entered the parking lot without a shirt or underwear after leaving the restaurant. Police detained Lampley.

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