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Who Is Sebastian Korda Girlfriend? Know All About Ivana Nedved

American professional tennis player Sebastian Korda is considered to be one of the most promising young players in the world of tennis. The ATP now has Korda rated in the 30th spot in the world. At the 2021 Emilia-Romagna Open, he is only scheduled to play in one ATP singles competition. His family has a long history in the sport of tennis. His father, Petr Korda, is a Czech tennis player who competed professionally in the past. Twenty years after his father won the Australian Open championship, Sebastian won the junior title in the 2018 tournament. This victory came at the Australian Open. The young kid has an exciting tennis career ahead of him and a bright future ahead of him. Now, let’s have a better understanding of his romantic relationships. Ivana Nedved, the woman who is currently dating Sebastian Korda, is profiled in this article.

Sebastian Korda Glamorous Girlfriend Ivana Nedved

Source: Sportsmanor

Ivana Nedved is the name of Sebastian Korda’s girlfriend. Who is she?

Ivana Nedved is an attractive woman who is Sebastian Korda’s girlfriend. Sebastian Korda is an American tennis player. Due to the fact that their dads were famous celebrities, both Nedved and Korda grew up in the spotlight. Ivana is the daughter of Pavel Nedved, a former footballer for Juventus who is now retired from playing in the Czech Republic. Ivana, like her father, is very passionate about the sport of football. On the other hand, her professional background includes time spent working in the brand and communication management divisions for Alfa Romeo. Additionally, she completed an internship in the marketing department of Conde Nast Italia and the assistant brand manager department of CONI. At the moment, she is serving as an editorial intern at Vogue Italia.

How Did Sebastian Korda and Ivana Nedved Meet?

The year 2021 marked the beginning of Sebastian and Ivana’s relationship as a couple. The couples commemorated the first anniversary of their marriages on February 3, 2022. The two people have not divulged any information on how they initially got together. But it is common knowledge that they have such a strong romantic connection to one another.

Do Ivana Nedved and Sebastian Korda Have Any Children Together?

Ivana and Sebastian do not share any children. Young couples are putting more of their focus on their professional lives.

Does Ivana Nedved Has Instagram?

Ivana Nedved is a well-known figure on several social media platforms. She is followed by 78.6 thousand people on her Instagram account. Additionally, she posts pictures of herself and her lover on her Instagram account.

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