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How did Andy Horner pass away? Why Premier Designs’s founder died

Andy Horner, co-founder of Premier Designs Jewelry, passed away yesterday at the age of 98. Find out the specifics of Andy Horner’s death and the reasons behind it.

Andy Horner, what happened to him?

Andy Horner, CEO of Premier Designs, Inc., has gone away. Andy Horner’s untimely passing is a great loss. In the company of family and friends, he died away on January 21, 2023.

On Sunday, Andy Horner’s mourning loved ones broke the sad news to the world. The circumstances surrounding his passing are now shrouded in mystery. When it came to people, Andy Horner was one of a kind.

The Lord was the focus of his life, and he showed his love for others by continually making an effort to better their circumstances.

The tragic demise of Andy Horner

Andy Horner, the man who founded Chief Plans, Inc., has passed away. On January 21, 2023, he passed away at home with his loved ones at his side. On Sunday, Andy Horner’s death was made public, devastating all who knew him. At this time, the actual cause of his death remains unknown.

Andy Horner was only one of several. He devoted himself to loving and serving the Ruler, and he constantly demonstrated his affection for the people around him by providing for them. People from whom he did not receive any benefit. people that are similar to me, such as my parents, my sibling, and my offspring.

made substantial monetary contributions to causes on every continent. Knowing him and being able to call him a friend set me apart from other people.

Andy Horner, who was born in Belfast, Ireland, had a childhood that was lacking in material possessions but rich in social responsibilities and a rock-solid hard-working mentality, both of which he observed in his mother.

To his family, friends, and loved ones, we send our deepest condolences, prayers, and hopes for eternal peace. May God rest his soul.

When did Andy Horner born?

People he stood to earn nothing from. All of my family members are just like me: siblings, parents, and offspring. Ministry organisations on every continent received generous donations totaling millions of dollars.

It was an honour to be counted among his friends and to have known him personally. Andy Horner, who was born in Belfast, Ireland, was up without many worldly belongings but with strong values instilled in him by his mother, including a deep devotion to God and a commitment to hard labour.

In 1931, he uprooted his family and settled in the Canadian city of Woodstock. In fact, they had been buddies since they were freshmen in high school. When they were in primary school, he had met Joan for the first time. After he got home from WWII in August of ’45, they started dating and eventually tied the knot in March of ’46.

The career of Andy Horner

A further four years elapsed before Joan and Andy made the trip to Dallas. Andy has had a lengthy career spanning over 50 years, during which he has held executive positions at a number of organisations like Johnson Wax, Xerox Corporation, and Home Interiors and Gifts.

In her role at Home Interiors and Gifts, where she and Andy both worked, Joan Horner was responsible for coordinating the Home Interiors sales staff across many geographic regions. Over the course of their long partnership, she travelled extensively as Mary Crowley’s assistant.

As Premier’s Executive Vice President, Joan has been instrumental in directing the company’s efforts to oversee the design of the jewellery product range and the selection of individual pieces. She was an accomplished author and public speaker who has inspired many.

Family and friends pay tribute to Andy Horner by saying:

Dr. Alicia Reppert-Ruddell

May You Ever Find Peace Premier Designs’ creator, Andy Horner. My beloved buddy, you are welcome in eternity. So much of what I know about loving and helping others without expecting anything in return has been gleaned from you. You made me feel all the feels: laughter, sadness, and a deep, abiding affection for individuals in all their broken, beautiful, grace-filled humanity. What you gave me was just what I needed: hope.

Lisa Tallarico

There are no words I could ever find to fully express the impact you’ve made on my life. To Andy Horner, you were really one in a million. Andy had a deep love and devotion for the Lord, and he showed it every day by the way he invested in others. Folks he stood little to gain from. My family, including my parents, my sister, and my kids. He and his wife, Joan, toiled away to raise millions for ministries all around the world. To call him a friend was a great privilege. I am a transformed individual!

Andy went to be with his Savior and his one and only Joan and countless other friends and family members yesterday. When he was finally taken to his true home, I’m sure there was a celestial chorus of praise. For all we’ve lost, heaven has gained so much more. Andrew Horner, you have my undying affection, and it breaks my heart that I will not see you again in this world.

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