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Leo Lagana: The Inspirational Social Media Star Leo Lagana died.

The 22-year-old Social Media Star Leo Lagana who captured hearts around the world due to his primordial dwarfism has passed away.

He had Majeski microcephalic osteoplastic primordial type two, a rare type of dwarfism, and suffered from serious medical challenges including multiple brain aneurisms throughout his life.

Leo Lagana Cause Of death:

He passed away due to serious medical challenges. In the past month, Lagana’s condition deteriorated and he was regularly admitted to the hospital.

It was confirmed on Monday morning by his heartbroken mother Pauline Lagana that he had passed away.

What happened to Leo Lagana?

Leo Lagana faced struggles as he was diagnosed with an aneurysm.

He was admitted to the hospital for the condition he was suffering from, and he was hospitalized as well. He is a famous internet star who passed at the age of 22.

He was one of the primordial dwarfs who had an inspirational story and won the hearts of fans and all people all over the globe.

An aneurysm is a disease where there is a small head diameter at birth, but it is also a progression that causes severe microcephaly and progressive bony dysplasia.

Family members of the Lagana:

Family members all over social media confirm the news of his death. His parents posted the empty chair of Leo Lagana, and that’s how they announced the news of the death of Leo Lagana.

 He has a very bright personality that made him the inspiration of many people.

He was a very famous social media star and had a very big community. He used to be loved by everyone, and his videos were very good.

He used to post new content in all his videos on social media.

How had Leo Lagana won the hearts of so many people?

He gained respect and love by posting the videos on social media. He has so much popularity in the Illawarra community.

He had a lot of good humor and antics and gained so much love and support from everyone.

Everyone is sad about the death of Leo Lagana, whereas he has worked hard even though he was suffering from a disease.

He never stopped working on the videos he posted on social media.

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