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21-year-old woman Jacquline Jones from San Diego goes missing after walking out of rehab in Los Angeles

Jacqueline Jones Missing

21-year-old Jacquline Jones has been missing for the last two weeks, and her family is asking for help locating their daughter. Let’s check all the details about Jacqueline Jones and know what happened to her.

Jacqueline Jones: What happened to her

Jacqueline has been missing for the last two weeks. Her parents are so anxious at this time her mother, Laura Jones, announced on Social Media, “I’m dying for her, Jacqueline’s mother. San Diego Woman, 21, Missing After Walking Out of Rehab Center in Los Angeles. She needs her medication to get centred again,”

Jacqueline Jones Missing


Her daughter had been missing for the past two weeks, and now she was devastated. According to authorities, Jacqueline Jones was missing when she walked out of a rehabilitation centre in Los Angeles.

Jacqueline Jones suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder

She was missing from a drug rehabilitation centre in the Los Angeles area. Jacqueline has been fighting addiction for many years and is also bipolar. She needs to take the medicines on time. Her parents repeatedly requested people on the message, “She needs her mediciencs to get herself back on the normal life.”

Feeling sad is normal in humans, but for some people, sadness occurs suddenly at any point, for instance, a song that comes on the radio. Any activity can trigger that person to deep sorrow and despair. Eventually this not easy to overcome this thought process, so this a tough time for Jacqueline.

Know more about Jacqueline Jones

Jacqueline Jones Missing


Her parents spoke proudly about their daughter and said she was very talented from childhood. She has been performing acting plays since the age of three. According to her parents, Jacqueline Jones was a great dance teacher and Yoga instructor.

Her mother, Laura Jones, remembers her daughter as “we need her, we need her so bad. Mommy is waiting for you”. Her mother, Laura, also insists on people for assistance to find her daughter.

What happened in this case till now

According to the latest report, the family of Jones filed a missing report to the Diego Police Department. The police requested people if anybody had any information, they could call to 9-1-1.

As well as Rancho Bernardo-based family urging the public who can help them to find their young daughter. Their daughter was missing when she walked out of the rehabilitation facility centre near Los Angeles.

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