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Helen Davis, aka Grandma Holla, died at the age of 97

Helen Davis, famous TikTok Grandma Holla, passed away at 97. Let’s check out all the details about TikTok  Grandma and the cause of her death.

What happened with Grandma Holla

She was famous for her humourous videos on TikTok. Was died at the age of 97 on January 15, 2023. Some social media pages like Laugh page and Lottery Frappe shared the video message to confirm the news of her death.
Her fans and followers are paying tribute to the Facebook post, sharing their heartfelt messages in the comment section.

Personal details about Grandma Holla

Helen Davis, known as Grandma Holla, was a trendy celebrity on TikTok; she was known for her fantastic speaking and extremely funny comments in her videos. Before she became famous, she had very few followers on social media. Her Granddaughter recorded her videos and later posted these video on social media.

TikTok Grandma Holla

Source: The Teal Mango

Eventually, she gained popularity; R&B singer Toni Braxton shared one video of her on the social media page. After this video, Grandma Holla gained popularity. The video posted by the singer gave a sudden boost to Grandma Holla; later, she added many new fans. In a short period, she gained more than a million followers.

She also posted videos on topics like healthy eating, celebrities, relationships, and many more. She gained popularity due to his speaking her mind, blunt-speaking on severe issues and simply saying things as it is.

In some of her videos, other people questioned her in a car or at home or randomly asked questions. In a nutshell, she offers a vast range of topics for conversation; she was a combination of laughter and seriousness.

The reason behind the death of Grandma Holla

Famous TikToker Grandma Holla died after surviving advanced cancer. When their death, she had more than one million followers on her social media account. She was a very popular personality on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok also. Her several videos gone popular on social media.

Social media tributes to Grandma Holla

TikTok Grandma Holla

Source: Distractify

Brandy Drain
Majority rules and the Majority of us loved Holla and you Chelle so let them ppl talk that’s all they’re good at and u DEFINITELY need to keep going!!!! Your supporters will continue to SUPPORT!

Kimya Dallas
Ain’t nothing wrong with just simply being a blessing! I’m send with a clear heart and mind and wish I could send more. Love y’all 🙏🏾❤️

San Anderson
We love you too Chelle and I understand I went through it with my grandma as well because I took care of my grandma as well…God bless 🙏🏾

Andrea Lee
We know it’s hard but keep praying. Buried my niece today. One the hardest funerals I’ve went to. It’s going to work out.

Lesley Inge
Praying for the family. She was such a jewel and beautiful person. She will be missed! We love Ms. Holla!!

Jonathan Gatling

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