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How did Ryan Anger die? What is Ryan Anger Cause of Death?

Ryan Anger Died
Source: BCNews24

Ryan Angers, a resident of Tolland, died at the age of 23. Their favourite athlete’s loss deeply saddens Tolland residents; Ryan Angers died on 16th January. He got very successful in local high school sports.

What happened to Ryan Anger

He left many people grieving, and the unexpected death of the Angers happened at the age of 23. The reason behind the death is still unknown, and the family member has not released any details till now.

Ryan Anger achieved so much in the short duration of their life. He was a very famous wrestler in Tolland High School as well as he was a good player in soccer.

He was also very interested in nature activities; he played different sports like backcountry snowboarding, cliff jumping, and rock climbing. Although some of his friends remembered him as a “brother”.

They all miss him very badly. He has a perfect character and is very genuine in real life. He left an excellent impression, and surely Ryan will not be forgotten.

Know more about Ryan Anger

Ryan Angers was a very enthusiastic person by nature who always tried new things and took new opportunities in his life. He put all his dreams into reality with courage and enthusiasm.

His parents, Kathie and Russ Angers feel pride after watching their son’s activities. Rayan indulged in sports activities like exploring exciting destinations and making new friends. also he liked making new friends, rock climbing, cliff jumping and backcountry snowboarding.

He always met new people with open arms and greeted all of them very politely. Sadly he died at a very early age; he will never forget for his genuine personality, his courage and as an avid sportsperson. He is always remembered by his mother, Kathie, his grandfather, and his siblings, Michael and Josephine.

Funeral details

On January 23, 2023, at 11 am, St. Matthew Church in Tolland, CT, will be hosting a funeral Mass and burial for Christian service.

Ryan’s family requested that all memorial donations and flowers be sent to Liberty Square Group, PO Box 459, with the memo “Tommy Leahy Memorial Scholarship”. This donation will help to THS Scholarship fund for the students of Tolland High School.

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